Dear Parents,

On Monday morning, the week started with Year 3 and 4 children visiting the Olympic Park, and Year 2 receiving an exciting actor-led activity morning. Every day, visits, trips, and learning continued, filling our action-packed week! Please enjoy reading the newsletter to explore everything that has taken place. The children have had yet another fantastic week at Fairstead!


Following on from the children’s love of ladybirds last week, this week’s learning has focused on ‘bees!’ It has been wonderful to see the children’s enthusiasm to share books and stories from home all about these very special insects.

The children have also amazed different members of staff with their super knowledge of bees. Please do ask them to share some of their fascinating facts with you!

In maths, division has been the focus, and the children have been very creative in how they have tackled this concept. Cutting out shapes and folding them in half, and sharing bees into their hives, have been just some of the ways the children have enjoyed exploring this practically.

Returning to the woods and playing an alternative version of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, was great fun, and using natural resources and clay meant some amazing ladybirds and bees were created. Having a special honey-themed snack today was a super way to end this week’s learning.


Year 1

Year One enjoyed the most wonderful trip to Great Yarmouth’s Tide and Time Museum and ‘Golden Mile’ beach on Tuesday. The children were transported back to 1871 where they met a Victorian lady who was most amused to hear all about our life in 2021. She taught the children about seaside holidays 150 years ago and showed them a ‘penny lick’ ice cream glass which vendors sold ice cream in, but rarely washed between uses. The children were not impressed! They were also not impressed with the full-length swimwear Victorians used to wear whilst swimming – they were great fun to try on though!

The children absolutely loved dressing up as Mods and Rockers from the 1960’s and used the catchphrases ‘We are ace face,’ and ‘We are the boss,’ to create some healthy competition! Please click here to watch the ‘Battle of the Beach’ dance off between the Mods and Rockers.

The day was full of sunshine, ice cream and laughter – it really was a day to remember!


Year 2

What a busy week we have had! We began the week with a visit from Barry Evans, an actor and drama teacher. He taught us so many great skills – how to run a slow motion caucus race, how to make the Cheshire cat disappear and reappear with magic clapping, how to give the illusion of growing and shrinking, and he taught us how to do the lobster quadrille!
However the highlight of the session was having an un-birthday party with an Italian Mad Hatter. What an incredible morning. We have also read about the Nave of Hearts, who stole the tarts. What a naughty thing to do! Thankfully, we too made a selection of jam tarts which just might rival the Queen’s. In literacy we have been reading recipes and looking for imperative verbs to tell us what to do. In maths, we have wrapped up our look at fractions. The children have been amazing at this often tricky topic, working hard and showing their learning in a variety of ways. In our creative sessions, we have continued to work on our Alice production. It is coming together so well! We have also made a card for a special someone in our lives… I wonder who? Happy Father’s Day, have a wonderful weekend.


Years 3 & 4

Without doubt, the highlight of the week for Years 3 and 4 was their visit to the Olympic Park’s Athletic Centre. The children spent the day being coached by George, an experienced hurdler and Josh, an experienced long jumper. They were taught the techniques and were given plenty of opportunities to develop their skills. All credit goes to those that listened carefully and applied the advice they were given. The coaches identified Alexander as a natural hurdler and were impressed by his technique, and William as having excellent long jump technique, achieving the longest jump in his group of 2.8m! Throughout the day, it was also a pleasure to see other athletes, some Olympians, training in different disciplines. Josh gave us a long jump demonstration and a practising pole vaulter made an impressive spectacle!

To finish the day, the children took part in relay races around the 200m 6 lane track. They demonstrated fabulous team spirit! Finally, the children were awarded medals for their efforts by international para athlete, Luke Sinnott.
Thank you to the coaches and athletes for making our day such a fun experience.

Please do watch a video of the children’s athletics here

Years 5 & 6

Following on from our successful trip to Darley Stud, Years 5 and 6 continued their exploration of the racing world by visiting the National Horseracing Museum. The focus of this trip was to understand the important role that horseracing has played in the development of both Newmarket and the country. The first activity looked at the history of horses through art. Having looked at some Stubbs pictures, we then moved onto the question of whether a horse ever has all four feet off the ground at the same time, something that was proven by Muybridge in 1887.

After that, we were fortunate to visit the museum exhibits itself. It was fascinating to learn about horses and their adaptations to running. It was clear that the facts and figures, supported by wonderful models, caught the children’s attention, including a heart and a spleen! This visit was rounded off by a fact scavenger hunt in the museum.

In the afternoon, there was a visit to the other exhibits as well as the horses, where the children were able to ask questions. This was finished off by a discussion about the silks. With over 12.6 million combinations possible, the children had a lot to choose from when they designed their own.

Overall, it was a wonderful day which the children came away talking about. It has deepened their understanding and, hopefully, respect of these wonderful animals and their place in our country’s history.

Speech & Drama

Henry has been learning about Hamlet and ghosts, and Ophelia going mad and giving flowers to everyone before going to the river. Cianan has been expanding his enormous imagination and seems to love being on the stage and asking questions about what goes on “behind the stage”.  Roan eats up anything you throw at him and he will be a terrific speech maker one day.

Just three of the youngest children I teach in Reception and Year One.

Absolutely thrilled that older students have received their exam results from LAMDA in Solo Acting.  All children passed with flying colours so huge congratulations to Otis, Giselle, Ashera, Amelia and Gabriella.

If any other parents wish their children to take up places in September then they are available to book now – please contact Jonathan on

Jonathan Woolf

Parents’ Association ‘Cake-off Competition’

The Parents’ Association are delighted to announce a ‘Themed Cake-off Competition’!  All children from Reception to Year 6 are invited to bake and decorate six (nut free) buns, fairy cakes or cupcakes and bring them to school by 9.00am on Wednesday 23rd June.

The theme for children in KS1 is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and for children in KS2 it is ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.

Please see here for more information.

We are all looking forward to seeing your creations!

Date for your Diary

We are very excited to announce that, on Friday 10th September, we will be holding our first ‘Fairstead Outdoor Adventure Day’!  We have booked the Jarman Centre in Newmarket for the whole school to spend the day enjoying activities, games and challenges in wonderful woodland surroundings.  More details will follow over the summer holidays.

Have a lovely weekend and a Happy Father’s Day!

Michael Radford