Dear Parents,

This week has been one that really celebrated all that Fairstead offers.  The drama productions have been amazing and I have been so impressed by the confidence of the children on the stage.  In addition, classes have been enjoying festive fun with parties, games and decorations, and finally, to end the term with a church service was truly magical and special.

I would like to thank all the staff for their continued dedication and hard work; the parents for coming along to watch productions and their support over the term, and last but not least, the children for embracing all the experiences that are offered to them.  I hope all families can stay well over the Christmas holidays and enjoy!

House Points

The number of house points tokens have been counted and the results are in:

Taylor – 153
Buckenham – 148
Wedgwood – 105

Holiday Club

If you need to contact the School during holiday club, please use the following mobile number, as the School office will be closed: 07526 352010


Congratulations to all pupils in Years 3 & 4 on their marvellous performances this week in their production of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. This was an ambitious project to stage but I am delighted with how well the children memorised a lengthy script, stage directions, a choreographed dance and battle scene and to do all of that with expression and excellent vocal projection is a huge achievement. Many thanks to parents for helping their children to memorise their lines and for providing the costumes. I must also thank Mrs Cooke for making extra costumes, accessories and props and to Mr Rix for the creating the stunning tree sculptures!

Christmas Medley

Wow, what wonderful performances pupils in Years 1 & 2 gave on Thursday morning. They recited, from memory, a magical selection of poems about the snow, reindeer, and even an excerpt from the Grinch, (who tried to ruin Christmas), which enchanted us all. Songs about Father Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph with his red nose were sang with cheerful energy and choreographed arm movements. We are so proud of the progress the children have made in class music and drama this term. I must thank Mrs O’Leary and Mrs Rix for the wonderful head-dresses and hats they created for all the young performers.

Nativity Sketch

The Year 5 & 6 Nativity Sketch on Thursday afternoon was an absolute triumph, well done to all the pupils that performed so well. To teach comedy is a challenge but when you see pupils from this age take it on board and run with it with such confidence and skill it is hugely rewarding to watch. Our class drama lessons this term have been filled with much laughter and I am so pleased that parents were able to enjoy watching a fantastic show. We are all very proud of what has been achieved and the joy it has brought us all!

Music Exams

Congratulations to all twelve candidates for their success in the recent ABRSM Performance exams. The grades ranged from Grade 1 to 3 in singing, cello and violin. Well done to everyone for passing and especially to those that passed with Merit!


Please take a look at some of the highlights from the term on our school Instagram page. We have photos and videos on posts, stories and on the highlights reel. You can follow us @fairsteadhouse on Instagram.


Reception ended a fabulous first term in Reception by having a week full of fun! We enjoyed watching the older children perform in their dress rehearsals this week, in addition to having a class talent show, a Christmas party and a super celebration in the forest! The elves had been busy once more, hiding treats amongst the leaves for everyone to find. They had even left some bells behind which meant the children were able to enjoy some Christmas songs around the camp fire. Ending the festivities by joining the rest of the school at St. Mary’s was a perfect way to end the week. Thank you all for a wonderful term and I hope you all have a super Christmas!

Year 1

We have had the most fabulous end to the Michaelmas term! This week has been full of Christmassy fun including Christmas crafts, decorating gingerbread biscuits and, of course, a Christmas party. We also performed our Christmas Medley to our parents. Although we were a little nervous, we spoke clearly and sang beautifully. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

Year 2

What an amazing end to the term! Year 2 have enjoyed watching both the fantastic Year 3/4 production of Narnia and the wonderfully funny Year 5/6 Nativity. We have been participating in so many Christmas activities: learning about Carroll diagrams and sorting elves into the correct boxes, practising our coding skills with coloured pens, learning about plotting grid coordinates and working on our addition skills to colour by ‘sum’. On Wednesday we had a lovely activity afternoon filled with Christmas games and quizzes, followed by a Christmas film and snacks. Thursday the children put on 2 outstanding performances and deserve a huge round of applause!! Thank you for all the hard work this term. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holiday together!

Year 3

What a busy, festive week in Year 3! We completed our English unit on instruction writing and wrote our set of instructions independently using plenty of adverbs and fronted adverbials of time. It was particularly fun to experience making the snowman biscuits and planning our writing step by step. In art, we made beautiful snowman chalk drawings using light, dark and mid tones. We loved making tree decorations using our new cross stitch skills. We chose from baubles, trees and snowflakes for our designs. It was challenging to keep the thread from becoming knotted but we all tried our very best. What a lovely memory from our Christmas in Year 3. The class have worked so hard this term and have so much to be proud of. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends.

Year 4

In science this week, Year 4 completed their ‘Electricity’ topic by making paper circuit Christmas cards. Using copper conductive tape, LED lights and coin cell batteries they made complete circuits with a folding switch. They chose either a Rudolph or a Christmas tree design and added coloured LEDs accordingly. Hopefully, when these arrived home, they were all still able to light up a shelf!

Have a wonderful Christmas Year 4 and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Years 3 and 4

To complete our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, Years 3 and 4 made papyrus using the traditional method. In pairs, they soaked the papyrus strips in water for three days. Then they rolled out all excess water using rolling pins and laid the strips by overlapping them vertically and horizontally. Finally, they sandwiched the papyrus between pieces of cotton, cardboard and newspaper and these were pressed between sheets of wood with clamps. We look forward to seeing the results after the holiday.  We were very proud of all the Year 3 and 4 children for their performances in their production of Narnia. Well done!

Year 5

What a great end to a term! Whether it was the performances, the carol concert at Tattersalls or the final carol concert on Friday, we have had a full calendar. It was wonderful to see the children performing and there is no more fitting photo than them all in their costumes. I know they can tell you more than I can ever write here so I will end by saying well done to them all and Happy Christmas to everyone.

Year 6

At the start of the week, Year 6 helped Mr Peace with his assembly about ‘The Glass Cupboard’. It was a simple tale with a powerful message: Please look after Planet Earth! Year 6 acted out the story, taking on the roles of three robbers (Ella, Giselle and Julian), two servants (Michaela and Ashera) and a king (Prince) who owned a magical cupboard (Bella and Gabi), a cupboard that could give you anything you wanted – snacks, drinks, even money! The only thing that you had to remember was to put something back after taking something out which, conveniently for the plot and moral, the three robbers forgot to do! Thank you, Year 6, for bringing the story alive, entertaining the whole school and leaving us with the following thought: What present can we give Planet Earth this Christmas? Have a wonderful holiday, Year 6. You thoroughly deserve it!

Speech and Drama Spring 2022

Hi Everyone,
A thank you to all Fairstead students who seem to get so much from their drama sessions.
  • Some simply enjoy game play, stretching imagination and storytelling.
  • Some gain confidence in public speaking.
  • Some build techniques to show more of their personality in interviews.
  • Some take exams in acting.
  • Some have started taking exams in pairs – working on scenes together for senior exams.
  • Some could take exams in the following – Public Speaking, Shakespeare, Mime, Devising Drama in addition to acting
Many who cannot have sessions at FHS have individual half hour lessons on Zoom. These are increasingly popular in today’s climate and I continue to work with students who have moved on from Fairstead in this way. As of this week I have changed all my home visits to Zoom until guidance/ law changes.  I now have the possibility of seeing students on Wednesdays in addition at 5pm and 5.30pm every other week currently if this works with your schedules.
I can only attend Fairstead on another weekday if a room becomes available but this also depends on the number of parents asking for one to one lessons. I would be more than happy to make this happen as FHS is the only primary school I teach in where the children are truly themselves, genuinely happy to be there and have manners that beat many secondary institutions. I take students from Reception now and it is amazing to see the growth in these children over the years.
If you wish to join my ever growing list of students to either be seen immediately or to be on a reserve list please simply contact me via e mail on and I shall respond within 48 hours.
Happy holidays everyone and keep safe
Jonathan Woolf

Christmas Jumper Day

On behalf of Fairstead House School Council, I am excited to announce that the final total raised for ‘Save the Children’ by the School and Nursery together was a fantastic £241.17!! Thank you so much to all our wonderful families and children for their amazing generosity and support this term.
Mrs Varma

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Michael Radford