Dear Parents

After an Indian Summer, today couldn’t have been any wetter!  So sadly all playtimes and clubs were held indoors, something that, luckily, very rarely happens.

The highlight of the week was the grand opening of our wonderful new Adventure Playground.  Huge thanks to the Parents’ Association for their fundraising which made this possible.

1-p1090592 1-p1090584



We continue to welcome new friends in to the Nursery; here Jessica is enjoying playing with bubbles with Ava, Stirling and Florrie are making patterns with beads and Ben is having fun in the playground.

1-sept-2-002 1-sept-2-010




This week the children thoroughly enjoyed making apple crumble.   They picked their own apples from the school garden and carefully peeled them in the classroom.  The children then made their own crumble mixtures, cooked their apple crumbles and took them home for tea.  I do hope everyone enjoyed them!


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The children attended their first lesson at Forest School this week. A particular highlight was finding a welcome gnome hiding in the wood.  Also, the children could not believe how many pheasants there were!




1-img_6436Year 1

This week the children have settled very well into the school routine.  The children have been covering the topic of missing numbers in Numeracy and they have enjoyed learning different strategies to help them solve their number problems.  In Literacy, the children have worked on constructing sentences, remembering to use full stops and capital letters.  They also have continued to work on exploring different materials and the children are all very aware of building materials as they watch the progress of the building work closely!


In ICT with Mr. Radford, Year 1 explored commands.  They took part in steering their partners to specific areas by using certain commands and instructions.  This then led to work with Bee-Bots where the same instructions can be used to create a program for the Bee-Bot to follow.  This week’s tasks included finding a favourite toy and navigating to it.



Year 2

Year 2’s connected curriculum topic this term is called ‘Hide and Seek’ and their learning is based around the exhibition of the same name at The University of Cambridge’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The exhibition is focussed upon exploring children’s lives in the past from a million years ago up to the present day. This week, Year 2 have been adding questions to our class Wonderwall which will be incorporated into their teaching and learning so that Year 2 learn about what they want to explore. The questions vary from Flynn’s “What would it be like to hunt for your dinner in The Bronze Age?” to Kitty’s “What is it like to have hand-cuffs on as a child?” and Perdita’s “What was it like to look after your baby brother when you were only 7?” Year 2 will visit the museum on 25th November but you can investigate the fascinating objects from the exhibition on the museum’s website right now!



Year 3

In Literacy, Year 3 are working towards writing a story with a familiar setting. This week they have been looking at descriptive writing, and experimenting with adjectives.  Prepositions have been added, to help the reader picture the scene in their mind’s eye. When describing a character, a boy was turned into either a Horrid Henry or a Perfect Peter. Today the children have put together a display of words to describe a person, both in looks and characteristics, which they will use when they write their stories next week.

Year 4

As part of grouping living things, children enjoyed creating real life Venn Diagrams on the playground.

Our specialist numeracy teaching involves one session a week for Years 3 to 6 where the children are able to consolidate, reinforce and extend their learning using fun interactive numeracy games, including ‘Active Learn’. Year 4 were delighted to receive their logons for the first time this week and quickly got the hang of challenging themselves. Much excitement was had as the children realised they accrued treasure for all the correct answers calculated.



Year 5

Year 5 launched their programming topic with ‘Scratch’, a computer programming software.  Although some are already familiar with the software, the exploration of different ‘blocks’ challenged all.  In addition to this, Lego have created a range of products that receive commands from Scratch and this week the class started building a lion that reacts by standing up when its food is taken away using the exciting new equipment.

In Numeracy, Year 5 consolidated their knowledge of factor pairs by creating trees showing all the factors of a number on the branches.

1-art-year-5-003  1-p1090572-001


Year 6

In Literacy, Year 6 were introduced to their new class reading book, ‘The Secret Garden’, a classic of children’s literature, which they are looking forward to studying in depth.







Classical Greek

In Classical Greek lessons this half term, the children are learning about Athenian democracy and then comparing it to modern democracy. In this week’s lesson, the children have been making ostraka (literally, pottery shard) to anonymously nominate their friends for prizes. They scratched their friend’s initial in Greek letters into the broken piece of vase and Mr Hewitt, as Clerk to the People, totted up the votes. However, some of the class were role-playing slaves, women, children or resident foreigners so their votes didn’t count! The children were shocked to discover that in Athenian democracy the ostraka voting system was not quite as positive and friendly as we experienced in class.

1-ostraka-greek-democracy-lesson-001 1-ostraka-greek-democracy-lesson-012



U11 Rugby
The first match of the season for the U11 rugby team was against Felsted.  The boys made an enthusiastic start with good strength when carrying the ball.  There were times when we did not fully utilise the space on the pitch, therefore keeping the play in a smaller area.  This enabled the opposition to utilise the opportunity to take possession and score.  Although we defended well, more work is needed on confidence when tackling and also supporting team members when moving with the ball.  A good first effort but a confident win for Felsted (11 – 3).

U9 Rugby
The U9 team also travelled to Felsted for their first match of the season.  It was a contact match and the boys were excited to get stuck in.  There was great running and strength in many areas and due to the hot weather, short breaks were used to keep both teams watered.  It was a close match, with numerous tries from both teams.  The result was close, with Felsted edging ahead.  A fantastic effort.






Next week’s matches are U11 Netball v St Mary’s School, Cambridge (Away) and U9 Tag Rugby v Riddlesworth Hall (Away).

Foreign Coins

Thank you for your generous contributions to the house collections of foreign coins and notes.  We have all enjoyed seeing the huge range of currencies that have been collected.  We will continue collecting these coins and notes until half term as there is still plenty of space to fill!


In addition, we have a bottle for 1p and 2p coins as I am sure we all have lots of these taking up space in our purses, bags or drawers!

School Uniform

Please remember that the summer dresses are worn with white socks, whilst the tartan skirts and pinafores are worn with either red or green socks or tights.

Macmillan Cake Afternoon

Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for their huge effort in making this coffee afternoon such a success.  It was lovely to see so many of you supporting this good cause whilst enjoying coffee and cake.  The impressive sum of £243.60 was raised for the charity.

Congratulations to Alexander in Reception and Evie in Year 3 for their prizewinning cakes, based on the theme ‘back to school’.

1-img_8990 1-evie-cake


Jeans for Genes Day

Next Friday, 23rd September, is Jeans for Genes Day.  Children are invited to come to school wearing jeans with their school shirts, ties, jumpers and blazers and they will be asked to bring a donation to support the charity.


Thank you to those who have signed up to After School Clubs.  There are still spaces available so could parents please contact the School Office if they wish to take advantage of these. Obviously, the fees (if applicable) will be adjusted accordingly.


Birthday Cake

This week we wish a happy birthday to Scarlett in Reception, Dylan in Year 2 and Sam and Harry in Year 4.



Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Heidi, a little sister for Toby, Sophie and Jessica.  We also welcome baby Jordan, a brother for Prince and Ashan and congratulations also on the safe arrival of Beatrix, a sister for Stirling.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton