Dear Parents

It was a pleasure to welcome so many parents and grandparents to school this afternoon for our first Summer Picnic Concert for Years 1 and 2.  I am sure that you will agree with me that it was a great success; the children sang and played their instruments beautifully.  It was lovely that so many of you made the most of the opportunity to ‘picnic on the lawn’.  Many thanks for Mrs Warburton, who worked so hard to ensure that all the children took part in this lovely event.


Picnic 4  Picnic 5


Some of our Yearlings were very excited on ‘Move Up Morning’ as they spent the morning in the Ponies Room.  They enjoyed exploring the room and finding lots of fun new things to play with!

 Move up  Move Up 2


We have been talking about different ways of travelling this week. The children thought it would be fun to make paper boats. We tried out a variety of designs and then tested them to see which would float best.  After spending the week measuring with rulers, the children decided to spend their time in Forest School this week searching for the longest sticks they could find. Deciding the longest and measuring it was tricky!

IMG_8887  IMG_8918


Year 1

In Literacy this week, we have been extending our creative writing by focusing on improving our sentence structure, using connectives and adding detail to the content.  We have also been practising our words for the school concert.  In Numeracy, we have been using the hundreds, tens and unit cards to make large numbers, they grasped the concept easily and are confident in using them.  In Geography, we have been extending our knowledge of Antarctica, by focusing on the climate, animals and the geography of the continent.

Year 2

In their Literacy learning this week, Year 2 have been learning about the suffixes -er and -est and using them in sentences. They really enjoyed writing their own comparison and superlative sentences, as suggested by the photo. Kitty’s bow is big, Fleur’s bow is bigger and Matilda’s bow is biggest!

Bow Superlatives 001

Year 3

Year 3 have been further developing their vocabulary to support their written work.  They have played connective games, been challenged to improve simple sentences and used different sentence openers to add interest.

P1100786 P1100787



Year 5

In French this week, Year 5 have been practising their dictionary skills and extending their French vocabulary.


Year 6

Year 6 have just returned from a hugely successful and challenging residential trip to Snowdonia and it is lovely to have them back!  The week was spent learning outside of the classroom, studying rivers and mountains and culminated in the ascent of Mount Snowdon by all children.  To read the informative and exciting daily blog and view the full gallery of photographs, please click here.


Snowdon 2 Snowdon 4

Snowdon 5 Snowdon 6

Snowdon 8  Snowdon 9

Sports Matches

Brookes Cambridge Athletics Competition

‘On Tuesday 13th June, Fairstead House U9s took part in Brookes Cambridge Athletics Competition. There were six schools taking part in this exciting event, including Brookes Cambridge, Moreton Hall, Riddlesworth Hall, South Lee and Finborough (who were the overall winners). Everyone enjoyed a range of activities from Standing Triple Jump, Standing Long Jump, Vortex Howler Throw and a wide range of running races followed by a team relay. There was brilliant weather, amazing atmosphere and fantastic cheering from the supporters. We all did extremely well with lots of us coming 2nd and 3rd in our different events but a special mention goes to Ella who came 1st in her 600m race and Jeanne who also came 1st but in the Vortex Throw. They both won a shiny golden medal. Well done to everyone who took part for their team spirit, enthusiasm and determination.’
Report by Jeanne and Harry in Year 4


U9 Parents v Pupils Rounders Matches

On Wednesday some of the U9 parents joined their children to play a mixed rounders match. The teams were split into two, with Jeanne and Lara chosen to be captains. It was an incredibly close and competitive match, with only half a rounder in it when the last batter batted. Jeanne’s team managed to scrape a victory by half a rounder. We saw some fantastic batting and fielding from both teams, but Player of the Match (as chosen by the opposition) went to William in Jeanne’s team for his fantastic catch and Lara in her team for her brilliant batting and fielding. Most Improved Player, went to Georgia for her brilliant batting and superb catch. It was a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon. Thank you to Chloe and Francesca who helped with the organisation and umpiring, to Mrs May for organising the match teas and for all of the parents who came along to play, the children really appreciate it! I will look forward to more Parents matches next year.

Miss Chloe Price, Director of Sport & SENCO

FullSizeRender (002) FullSizeRender (003)


Textiles Club

This term in Textiles club the children have been learning to appliqué. They made up their own designs, chose the fabrics, made pattern pieces and decided on the stitches used to mount the pattern on the base fabric. The younger children have already finished at least one project each, while the older children’s designs are a little more detailed and taking longer to complete.

Textiles 1 Textiles 2



Textiles 3


Coding Club

‘Last term, the children played with a Raspberry Pi and successfully used it to control LEDs and to create a tool that counted movements through gates. This term we’ve been looking at Python and HTML. There have been some great games of Hangman with extremely long and hard words to guess. Last week Molly and Katie created their own ‘Guess Who’ games themed around Cats and Anime respectively. If you’d like to play visit (Cat) or (Anime) – you need two people and two machines, you both then open the URL and you’ll be given a card and, just like the board game, you ask the other player questions eliminating cards by clicking. I’m hoping for the rest of term we can create a few more games, perhaps involving the Raspberry Pis. If you’d like to be involved or have any questions please do let me know.’

Mr Matt Stannard, 4PS Marketing

Swimming Lessons

Parents are invited to watch their child’s swimming lessons on Thursday 29th June.  Years 1 and 2 swim from 2.00pm until 2.30pm and Years 3 and 4 from 2.30pm until 3.00pm.  There will be no swimming on Thursday 6th July.

Parents’ Evening

Just a reminder that Parents’ Evening will be held on Tuesday 27th June as in the termly calendar.  Please contact the School Office to make an appointment.

Father’s Day at the National Horseracing Museum – Sunday 18th June

Please see the following from the National Horseracing Museum:

‘This Father’s Day, why not treat your Dad to a thrilling day out at the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art in Newmarket.  Enjoy an action packed family day out watching the Shetland Pony Grand National, with some of the country’s youngest jockeys and smallest ponies! See if you can ride like a jockey on our fun inflatables. A pop up BBQ and Adnams bar will be provided by The Tack Room in the arena area. Tickets to the Arena for the Shetland Pony Grand National are only £5pp (under 5s free).

The Museum is open from 10am – 5pm and races are at 11.00am and 2.30pm
For more information please click here. ‘

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Annabelle in Year 1 and Sam in Year 4.  Well done, children!


Birthday Cake

This week, we wish a happy birthday to Paul in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children and looking forward to a busy and exciting three weeks ahead,

Lynda Brereton