Dear Parents,

In assembly this morning, I reminded the children of just how busy and exciting this week has been.  As you will see from the photos and descriptions, the children have had the most amazing time learning at Fairstead!


A polite reminder that all children need to have their blazers in School, as well as correct footwear and School tie.  Please make sure all uniform items are clearly named.


As expected at this time of year, we are noticing a number of children who are absent from School due to illness.  Please be aware that if your child presents any Covid-19 symptoms, they must isolate and follow the information here.  If your child has been in contact with a confirmed case, parents are strongly advised to arrange a PCR test for their child.

School Lunches and Dietary Requirements

School lunches are home-made and based on tasty, traditional dishes along with some dishes from around the World.  We encourage all of the children to try the different foods available at lunch time and to enjoy the experience.  There is always an alternative of homemade soup and salad.

Should your child have an allergy, which has been diagnosed by the Doctor, could you please inform the School with a letter from the Doctor so that we have this information on file.  Ethical dietary needs are also catered for.


Kindness has most definitely been the theme in Reception, this week. The children have shown great enthusiasm in supporting Newmarket’s Open Door Charity, they have walked with pride for the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital and they have enjoyed discussing the choices made by different characters in the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. A big ‘thank you’ to all the children who helped Mrs Sanders to lead assembly this week. They confidently shared their experiences of how to be ‘bucket fillers’ with the whole School and assisted Dr White in encouraging everyone to support their local food bank. A big ‘thank you’ also, to Chef, who helped the children to bake their very own bread rolls to take home to share with their families. They tasted delicious, the Little Red Hen would have been proud!

Year 1

We have been continuing with our ‘Instructions’ unit in English this week. On Monday, we learned about imperative verbs, or bossy action words as we like to call them. During our Shared Reading session, we read a variety of commands and highlighted the imperative verbs. We soon realised that the bossy doing word always comes at the beginning of a command. Next, we practised giving and following spoken instructions. We went outside to practise giving spoken instructions to our friends. It was great fun being blindfolded and completing an obstacle course. We soon realised that our instructions had to be clear and simple to follow and that the person following the instructions had to have their listening ears on and working!

We also completed a WAGOLL analysis (‘what a good one looks like’) where we studied a written set of instructions carefully and found all of the features of instructional texts. Next week, we will be writing our very own instructions!

We had a very special guest in our Topic lesson this week! Ellen came to talk to us about her work with The British Antarctic Survey and her visit to Antarctica.

We loved learning about the different animals in Antarctica and trying on the special clothes Ellen wore to keep herself warm!

Year 3

This week, in Year 3, we have been using our excellent descriptive writing skills to help the police track down Mr Twit. The Monkeys have reported him for animal cruelty! The children used evidence from the text, expanded noun phrases, rhetorical questions and carefully chosen vocabulary to create a ‘wanted’ poster for Mr Twit. They thought about layout and presentation. In Art, Year 3 learned how to make clay coil pots in preparation for making their canopic jars during the next few lessons. They began by rolling out coils, cross hatching the surface using clay tools, wetting the surface using their fingers and adhering the coils together to form a simple pot. Once these were formed, they smoothed out the sides to create a surface ready for decorating. We already can’t wait to see their finished products…

Year 4

This week has been extremely productive! In English, Year 4 began writing their newspaper articles, ensuring that they include the 5Ws (who, when, where, what and why) in their introductions. They also conducted short interviews with peers and staff in Year 3, to include their responses as direct speech in their newspaper articles.

In history, Year 4 learned the mummification process, then in groups, planned and performed ‘How to’ videos explaining the step by step process of mummification. I was impressed by their team work and creative use of props to support their presentation.

Year 5

What a week to write about. I could talk about the performance of Macbeth that involved the children and brought to life the story. The climax was the silent slow-motion battle between the two armies before they decided to all support MacDuff. I could wax lyrical about the team that played in the festival at Culford except that I know Ella in Year 6 is writing up the matches. As a result, I am left with maths and English to tell you about.

In English, we have been looking at writing out instructions telling us how to make periscopes. These have started well and look as if they will form into clear and informative instructions telling us both how to make a periscope and how they work, as well as their uses. They will be using imperative verbs to provide clear instructions. However, to raise it to Year 5 level, they will also be thinking about their sentence starters so the reader will be engaged. I have not included pictures of your children working industriously on Friday in English. Instead, I would suggest you ask them about what they have done in music and drama – that is if they haven’t already told you.

Year 6

Year 6 had a very exciting start to the week. They travelled back in time to 1st September 1939 and became World War 2 evacuees! Over the weekend, the children each filled a pillow case with precious belongings including a favourite item of clothing, toy, teddy, book and photo which they brought into school on Monday morning. From the moment they attached a name label to the lapel of their blazer and hung their gas mask box over their shoulder, Year 6 became pupils of Kingsfleet Primary School in Felixstowe. They gave themselves a new name – Hope, Walter, Ryan, Bob, Felix, Alyssa, Bobby and Angela – and were very excited about their journey by steam train to Newmarket where they would meet the residents of Warburton Way, Drayton Drive, Allen Avenue, Salt Street, Newman Terrace and Hunt Crescent! Each teacher picked one or two evacuees and put them to work. Some helped with reading or Maths, some helped with singing or PE and Walter (aka Giselle) even had to do some washing up! Having worked hard, the evacuees were gathered up and taken to the dining room where buns and hot chocolate – kindly made by Chef and her team – were waiting for them! Then, whilst the children were joying their refreshments, Mr Peace set off the sound of an air raid siren via his Bluetooth speaker and everyone had to head for the safety of the school cellar! Huddled together, Year 6 listened to an original recording of a young boy’s recollection of the Blitz until the sound of the all clear siren was heard and they could return to the safety and daylight of 2021…and their half-eaten cakes!


U11 Girls Hockey tournament at Culford

On Wednesday 13 October, the U11 girls played a hockey tournament at Culford.
In the first match we played St Josephs. They had first pushback, but we immediately began attacking well. Gabi scored first which made the score 1-0 to us. In defence, Giselle and Ashera made some great passes into space so we could get the ball up to the goal. By the end of the 8-minute game it was 2-0 to us.
The next match we played was against Langley school. In mid-field Bella and Gabi were fighting for every ball. Langley had a couple shots at goal, but Elsie made some astonishing saves. By the end of this match, it was 0-0.
Then we played against Glebe House. We had first push back and quickly got the ball moving. Lottie and Grace made some good tackles and we managed to get the ball into their D a lot but did not quite manage to score. By the end of this match, it was also 0-0.

After that we played against Barnadiston. Ashera, Lottie and Giselle made some awesome hits from the D to Bella who ran up the line and passed quickly. Gabi intercepted a lot of balls which gave us possession of the ball most of the game. The final score was 0-0 though.
Finally, we played against South Lee. We were terribly tired as it was the last match but we persevered. The score was 0-0 at half time and Gabi made some astonishing runs with the last of her energy but we did not manage to score. The final score was 4-0 to them.

We came fifth out of ten teams in the tournament which we are proud of.
Well done team keep up the good work.

Ella W., Girls’ Sports Captain.


U11 Girls Hockey v Glebe House

After the U11 hockey players demonstrated their skill at Culford’s hockey festival, the U9 girls wanted a try at competitive games. After a long drive to Glebe house, they performed admirably in their first competitive hockey match. The first half ended moments after a wonderful pitch length run by Anabelle where her goal led to a 1-0 lead. This lead was held until 10 minutes from the end when Glebe house scraped an equaliser. Mr. Salt and I were both impressed by the energy the girls put into the game and we can see that the future of hockey in the school has a very strong foundation to build on.

School Council

Charity fundraising Event – GOSH, ‘Race for the Kids’

On Wednesday and Thursday, all the children at Fairstead House were invited to participate in a walk around the school field to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Each class in school were led by their School Council representatives who had helped get the ‘Race for the Kids’ event ready by placing posters around school and hiding teddy bears around the field for the nursery and Key Stage 1 children to spot! All the children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the walk and there were lots of lovely smiling faces to see!

Fairstead House School Council would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part and to all our families for supporting this worthwhile cause so generously.

Julian Bernardo Ciddio (Head Boy)

Giselle Green (Head Girl)

Mrs Varma

Drama Update – Jonathan Woolf – October 2021

Hello – it is almost half term and children have been excelling in their private LAMDA sessions with me.
The extension of lessons to half an hour has been a positive one and I am particularly thrilled that it works with the Key Stage 1 children.
In fact, FHS children seem to have more focus and concentration than older children at some schools.
Children have been discussing fairies in Midsummer Night’s Dream, circus performers, Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, Star Wars, Frozen at Drury Lane, voice projection, Pygmalion – the difference between Dr Dolittle and Eliza Doolittle and so much more.
I am thrilled to say that many students who are no longer at Fairstead (having left at the end of Year 6) are having either Zoom lessons or lessons at their homes – home tutoring is obviously affected by distance but is possible.
My classes are full for this term and I have an additional student starting next term as two students will be working together on duologues for exams from January.
The splitting of the drama club is successful for KS1 which runs from 3.30pm to 4.15pm. The KS2 club is affected by Sports so numbers vary per week but the children who do attend, enjoy the group work.
If any parents (particularly though not exclusively in Reception) wish their children to have individual lessons it is best to contact me this term, rather than January and I shall put you on a waiting list or try to extend my hours at Fairstead.


Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford