Dear Parents,

I hope that this Newsletter finds you and your families well and looking forward to the weekend ahead.  I am sure that you all listened to our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s address to the nation last Sunday, in which he said that “we hope” that Reception, Years 1 and 6 will return to school in June.  As Boris Johnson said, this possibility is entirely ‘conditional’ and dependant upon a series of “big ifs”.  I will be writing to you on Monday in more depth and following further advice from the Government regarding Early Years education.


This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed reading and retelling the story of ‘The Frog Prince.’

The story has inspired the children to become very creative and we have seen them design and make some beautiful crowns and castles.

In Maths, everyone has been working hard to solve ‘doubling’ problems.
Mrs Sanders is quite concerned that she may end up with a garden full of frogs!

The children have also enjoyed a virtual trip to the quaint town of Giverny where they visited Monet’s garden and admired his beautiful waterlily pond. They imagined what it would be like to stand on the footbridge, overlooking the pond, and then painted their ideas. What amazing artists we have in Reception!


Year 1

Year 1 have enjoyed making animals out of 2D shapes.  Wonderfully imaginative work – well done, children!


Year 2

Year 2 have been continuing to work incredibly hard and with great enthusiasm this week. In Maths, they have been exploring mass and comparing and ordering the weight of different objects. The children thoroughly enjoyed working practically at home. In English, the children have been researching their favourite domestic pets before creating their own posters to share their knowledge and research with others! This week, Year 2 have been in Australia and have enjoyed creating Aboriginal cave art and writing short stories using Aboriginal symbols. Well done, Year 2!




Year 3

This week in English, the children have been studying a unit of work on adventure stories, with a particular emphasis on pirates! The children examined a set of instructions on how to make a pirate treasure map and many of them decided to make their own maps! Next week they will be writing their own set of instructions on a topic of their choice.

In Science this week, we have started to look at flowers as part of our ‘Plants’ topic. We have learned about botanists and flowers and plants through time. The children have made some beautiful botanical illustrations of flowers and have also made models of flowers, paying close attention to the reproductive parts, which we’ll be learning about in more detail next week. We are still conducting our investigations into what is needed for plants to grow well. Some children have finished their experiments and have been able to draw conclusions. Some children have filmed their Science experiments which have been great to watch!

The children have been working incredibly hard and have been producing some great work. Well done, Year 3!


Year 4

Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am of Year 4 and the way they have embraced remote learning. We have 100% attendance at our Zoom calls and the children are showing patience, perseverance and the desire to learn.

Today, we dressed up as super heroes for our morning Zoom call and I was pleased to see so many of them entering into the spirit. Some children even made super hero accessories to wear – which was fantastic!

In Art this week, Year 4 were challenged with using Digital Art to recreate ‘Mount Fuji in Clear Weather’ by Hokusai. I was extremely impressed by the work that they produced and their attention to form, line and colour.

This challenge is also on DB Primary ‘Art Years 3-6’ for anyone in Key Stage 2 to try. All art that I receive is being displayed in the appropriate galleries; Art Years 3-6 galleries and Year 4 Art gallery.
Please take a look!


Year 5

Once again, Year 5 have been showing a determination to not let the current pandemic stop their learning! There have been regular Zoom meetings and this has resulted in some excellent work being handed in. It is also pleasing to hear that the children have been developing their other interests. Perdy has even become a published author when writing to earn her Equine Behaviour Badge!

It has been an action filled week in English with our study of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. We lost Michael over the side of his parents’ boat Peggy Sue (he is now ship wrecked), had a trip to observe a Roman school (virtually of course) and we are ending the week by learning how the Maya used base 20 to count. On top of that, there have been some wonderful persuasive writing pieces from why homeschooling is not for everyone to why pineapple should not go on pizza. I definitely agree with the last point of view! The children can now have a rest over the weekend before we return to start all over again.

Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard on algebra and division this week in Maths. In English, they have been extending their comprehension skills with emphasis on word meanings in context. They have also been studying prepositions and prepositional phrases. As part of their work on Justice and Freedom in R.E., they have looked at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to decide whether they represent freedom, justice or both.
The children have also read about the dangers of smoking in Science and researched the African penguin food chain or web.

Today, the children and Miss Hodgkinson had great fun by trying to create crazy hairstyles for their afternoon lessons!

Head’s Awards

I was delighted to announce this morning in our ‘assembly’ that a Head’s Award is to be awarded weekly to a child in each class in school, as recommended by the class teacher.

Reception – Athena

Year 1 – Joseph

Year 2 – Isabella

Year 3 – Harry

Year 4 – Toby

Year 5 – Finlay

Year 6 – Ava

The reasons for each award were highlighted in this morning’s assembly.  Well done, children, and do watch for your certificates to arrive in the post!

Speech & Drama Lessons – September 2020

“I am going to try and give more time to Fairstead from September so more places may become available.

Some parents have asked if Year 1 is too early to begin Speech & Drama lessons – absolutely not! Indeed, the ‘earlier the better’ as I believe you can teach really challenging material to children who are young – they are not afraid to try Shakespeare’s or Chaucer’s language and the earlier I work with children, the more at ease they feel in interviews or one to one sessions where they need to sell themselves.

I would just like you to know too that online lessons are continuing via Zoom very successfully and this will continue until further notice. However if you would like your children to have individual lessons from September then please book with me as early as possible in order to secure a place. Obviously, all the current Year 6 students will be leaving so places are available now for September. Lessons are £16 per session and invoices are sent out once per term.

I do know that we all have more important things to deal with right now but the arts (be it drama or music or dance) are so important to children’s learning and welfare.

Feel free to contact me on”

Mr Jonathan Woolf, Teacher of Speech & Drama

Touch Typing Club

Very well done to all of these amazing children who have been working hard in our ‘Touch Typing’ Club recently:
• Anna Parsons
• Annabelle
• Ashera
• Ashleigh
• Catherine
• Jess
• Charlie
• Harley
• Jasper
• Joseph
• Louis
• Toby
• Vishhmaya

All of these children have received DB Primary reward stickers which they will be able to exchange for house points when we get back to school. If you would like to join Touch Typing Club, send me a message on DB Primary and I will send you your log in details.
If you would like to try and earn some extra house points, there are lots of other challenges that you can try such as Story Writing, Letter Writing and Maths puzzles. These can be found in ‘House Point Corner’ on DB Primary.
A very special ‘Well Done’ to Joseph in Year 1 who has completed the most challenges so far.
Keep up the great work everyone!

Mrs Suzy Mallen, SENCO

Message from the Parents’ Association  – Quiz Night

The quiz will start at 5.30pm, but there are 2 rounds of questions you will find in the dropbox link below and as PDF doc attached. These whould keep you busy beforehand and the answers to these will be given part way through.
You will need Webex Meetings to join which can be downloaded here:
Please click the link here 5 mins before to join the fun….

2 rounds of questions available here:
This event is being hosted by James Thomas on behalf of the Fairstead House Parents’ Association in lieu of our Summer Party which has been postponed until October. It is free and open to everyone, however, donations to the appeal below would be greatly appreciated.–u18P0eWz-mbUG8Ao2X5mg

Good luck!

Fairstead House Parents’ Association

Well Done to Alexander!

Many congratulations to Alexander in Year 6, who has been cycling laps of his garden to raise money for ‘Chain of Hope’, a charity which funds life-saving surgery for children born with heart defects.  This is a very worthwhile charity and I know that he would be delighted to have your support!


With my best wishes,

Lynda Brereton