Dear Parents

There is great excitement amongst Year 6 children as they prepare themselves for their highlight of the year – their trip to Snowdonia on Monday!  There they will be challenged, encouraged to use their initiatives and to persevere and to stretch themselves.  I am sure that they will have many wonderful adventures and I look forward to reading the daily blog!


This week in Reception, there has also been much excitement. Our tadpoles have now become froglets and someone has even spotted a newt in our tank! Please do come and take a look, the children will love to show them to you.
The excitement continued with the children actively involved in two different ‘rainbow’ experiments and a discussion on how rainbows are formed. Everyone listened carefully to the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish,’ and then enjoyed using adjectives to describe his beautiful scales.
In Maths, there have been many different problems to solve, which have all involved ‘sharing scales.’ The children have had a great time dividing different numbers of scales between different fish and commenting on their findings. Well done to Lilly, for gaining her ‘Gold certificate’ in Mathletics, this week.
A polite reminder that next week will be the final week for the children to bring in their ‘Show and Tell’ items. Many thanks for your continued support.

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Year 1

Year 1 had an amazing visit this week to the Botanic garden in Cambridge.
We got to experience the different conditions in glasshouses and the adaptation of the plants growing there and to understand how seeds are produced and the conditions needed to germinate and grow.
We took a walk through the lush tropical rainforest and its amazing plants. We found many useful plants including cotton, coffee, banana, cocoa, tea, rice, rubber and vanilla and found out how to know the age of a plant and found one that was over 200 years old!
We saw the biggest seed in the world and made our own nifty paper pot and planted a seed which I am sure will see its way home once germinated.

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Year 2

Year 2 had a wonderful time becoming botanists this week! They studied several plants, carefully measuring their height and leaves before learning about their growing conditions.


Yer 3   Year 2.3

Year 2


Year 3

This week, Year 3 continued their investigations into light.  They were challenged to find the most reflective material.  They realised that they had to shine their torches from the same distance to keep it a fair test.

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Year 4

In Science this week, Year 4 have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. They also studied animals with endoskeletons and exoskeletons and were amazed to see how a crab sheds its exoskeleton as it grows! They finished by sorting and classifying animals according to whether they had exoskeletons, endoskeletons or hydrostatic skeletons, or whether they were vertebrates or invertebrates.

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Years 5 & 6

Years 5 and 6 went to the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art at Palace House for Day 2 of the ‘Racing to School’ programme.  They heard about the history of the thoroughbred horse and met a retired racehorse and learnt about the re-training of retired racehorses.  The children also explored the museum and learn about equine anatomy and were amused to discover that many artists were unable to capture a horse’s gait correctly.

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Match Reports

Inter-School Athletics tournament at Brookes Cambridge

Twenty children from Years 3 – 6 took part in an Athletics Tournament at Brookes Cambridge on Tuesday.  The children took part in various track and field events.  The children’s combined results created a total for the school team.  All the children did extremely well and we finished third overall.  Well done to all the children and, in particular, to Francesca, for coming first in the 800m.

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U9 Girls’ Cricket v Moreton Hall

“On Wednesday, 13th June the U9 girls’ cricket team played against Moreton Hall.

We started off batting and we scored some excellent runs, especially from Evie, Zara and Matilda.

Next, it was our turn to field. Moreton Hall were quite good at batting so we found it a challenge to field but, with determination, we managed to stump three people out. We all agreed that we need to work on our catching skills before our next match!

The final score was: Moreton Hall 139 runs; Fairstead 129 runs.

I was very surprised to have been chosen as player of the match by Moreton Hall because I thought everyone in the team played extremely well.

Better luck next time, Fairstead!”

Izzy M., Year 4

U11 Boys’ Cricket v Moreton Hall

This was the boys’ first 20 over match using a hard ball where the batter had one opportunity to score runs and, if they were out, they left the field.  We won the toss and decided to field first. Despite good bowling, Moreton Hall’s opening batsmen were very confident and manage to find gaps in the field.  Their first batsman managed to score over a century and was applauded for his efforts.  We did manage to take two wickets but, sadly, we were not victorious.



Sports 9  Sports 4



Sports 5   Sport 3

 Sport 2

Swimming – Years 3 and 4

Please could all children in Years 3 and 4 bring an old t-shirt to wear for swimming on Thursday as part of the children’s lifesaving lessons.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Casper in Reception and Abisha in Year 5.  Well done, children!


Iced cake lit with happy birthday candles

This week, we wish a happy birthday to Finlay and Athena in the Nursery.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton