Dear Parents,

What a wonderfully festive week we have had here at Fairstead House, which has given us all a delightful start to our Christmas celebrations.  On Tuesday night, Years 3 – 6 shone at the Racing Welfare concert at Tattersalls and we were all justifiably proud of the children; their singing, their composure and the exemplary way in which they represented their school.  Christmas Lunch on Wednesday was a joyous occasion and the ladies in the kitchen ‘pulled out all the stops’ to ensure that the children had a lunch to remember.  Christmas hats for the younger children and seasonal music added to the occasion.  Following lunch, all the children from Ponies to Year 6 visited my office, which had been magically transformed into a wondrous grotto (many thanks again to the Parents’ Association), where they met the extremely jovial Father Christmas.  He was enchanted by all the children and their recollections of Christmases past and their delightfully modest hopes for Christmas this year.

Yesterday was another first for Fairstead House when our youngest children, our Foals and Yearlings, entertained their parents and grandparents in a quite charming Christmas celebration.  At least forty little ones were on stage, playing instruments, singing, dancing and they captivated us all.  A moment we will all treasure forever and our special thanks to Mrs Felicity Beckett in the Nursery for having the faith that such young children could rise to the occasion.

1-IMG_4651 (002)  1-IMG_4655

Nur Nat 1  nur Nat 2

Nur nat 3


1-P1110467 1-P1110471



1-P1110485  1-P1110483



1-P1110476 1-P1110496


It has been a great week in Reception, leading up to the end of term. We joined the whole school in enjoying Christmas lunch, and were able to wear the super hats we had made.  Afterwards, we went on a little trip to meet someone very special; it was a wonderful surprise!  We ended the week with a special treat and visited  Wildawood. It was a great morning and we loved exploring in the Forest and helping to rebuild the fairy houses that the clumsy dragon had knocked down!  On our return, we had a picnic lunch and then got changed into our party clothes, where we partied the afternoon away! A great way to end everyone’s very successful, first term in Reception.

Rec 1  Rec 2

Rec 3 Rec 4




Year 1

Christmas came early to Year 1 this week!  We began by making ginger star biscuits.  The children joined in with great enthusiasm by mixing the ingredients, rubbing in the butter, cracking eggs, rolling and cutting the stars.  They, of course, thoroughly enjoyed eating the end result! The children made Christmas pudding hats to wear for the school Christmas lunch.  The children were even more excited when they visited Father Christmas in his grotto after lunch and asked him some intriguing questions.

1-P1110414 1-P1110415


Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed a range of festive activities this week, making salt dough decorations, decorating baubles and creating fabulous fingerprint cards. They were especially proud of their Reindeer Christmas Hats, which they made to get them into the festive spirit for our Christmas Lunch. In English, they have written Christmas themed acrostic poems, snowflake calligrams and even a persuasive letter to Father Christmas, which I am sure you will enjoy reading over the Christmas period. In Maths, they have been revising all of their place value and number work, to help Father Christmas solve the ‘Naughty Elf Mystery’.

1-Year 3 5 Year 2 3

Year 3 4 1-Year 3 6



1-IMG_4671 (003)

Year 3

Year 3 were given a construction challenge this week. They had to make a structure that could hold up a book; they were given four pieces of newspaper and some sellotape. They could choose whether they worked alone or in teams, and all worked hard and concentrated on the task. The three most successful constructions were all very different. The tallest, but least stable, was over 30cm tall. The one that looked most like a table held the book 15cm off the floor. The sturdiest only lifted the books up 5cm, but took the weight of several dictionaries and all the pencil pots without collapsing!  Well done, Year 3; you all tackled this challenge in creative and focused ways.

1-IMG_4712   1-IMG_4719


1-IMG_4718  1-IMG_4708


Year 4

Year 4 finished off their wonderful racing silk designs in art.  Do make a point of visiting the classroom next term to see the delightful display.  Many thanks to Mrs Keily Newman for her enthusiasm and creativity.

1-DSC00233  1-DSC00232



Years 5 and 6

Years 5 and 6 are thrilled that their papier-mâché planets are adorning the entrance to the hallway.  They make a stunning display and definitely worth making a special trip to admire.

1-IMG_4698  1-IMG_4699


Sports Matches

On Monday, all of the children in KS2 (Years 3-6) took part in house matches. Due to the icy conditions, the girls had to play their matches indoors. The first match between Buckenham and Taylor was nail-bitingly close, with Taylor in the lead, until the final quarter where Buckenham managed to pull it back and win 6-4. The second game between Wedgewood and Taylor was won convincingly by Taylor. Wedgewood were also defeated in the final match by Buckenham. It was a brilliant afternoon and was fantastic to see such a range of age groups playing so well together. There was great team spirit and I was particularly impressed by how well the House Captains or their representatives led the rest of their teams. Well done to all.

1-IMG_4605  1-IMG_4628

The boys were thrilled to play House matches and were even more excited that it was football this term!  The first match was between Taylor and Buckenham and, as Buckenham had fewer players, the teams were reduced for a fair match. Taylor were victorious and fired up for their next match against Wedgewood.  This was a much closer battle but Taylor were able to win the match and therefore the House competition.  Well done to all the boys.

Taylor are now in the lead!

DB Primary

Children in Years 3 – 6 can access our virtual learning environment here.  This allows them to use various features of the social aspects of a website in a fun and enjoyable way.  In class, we will continue to look at how to communicate and share information responsibly, in a fun and safe way.

Revision – Year 6

A website for children to use to revise for common entrance exams over the holiday period can be accessed here.

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Louis in Year 1 and Eleanor in Year 4.  Well done, children!


Over the Christmas Holidays we wish a happy birthday to Luke in Year 1 and Lucy in Year 5.

My colleagues join me in wishing you and your families a joyous Christmas and a healthy and happy 2018 and I looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th January,

Lynda Brereton