Dear Parents

Great excitement in school this afternoon with the return of our Years 5 and 6 children from their wonderful week at Hilltop Outdoor Centre in North Norfolk.  I popped up to visit them on Wednesday and was so impressed at what I saw!  The children were having an amazing time, pushing themselves, rising to the challenges and clearly working cooperatively.  I thoroughly enjoyed my mountain bike experience but next time I shall go dressed more appropriately so that I can use the zip wire!


In Nursery this week, the children have been very busy discovering a way for their new friend, Blu the Parrot, to get home to Brazil.  The children studied an aeroplane taking off and landing, and then got to work making their own Nursery runway and paper aeroplanes.  They had great fun flying their planes down the runway!

There has also been excitement in the Nursery in watching and preparing for their eggs to hatch.  The children have been closely observing and listening to the eggs in their incubator and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the chicks!

1-Flying Blu Home 017 1-rainforest 010 (2)




This week the children have been thinking about how they can help our visiting Parrot to get home. He has not yet learnt how to fly so the children have thought of different ways they could help him. They have made paper aeroplanes, kites and parachutes. They have had a lot of fun testing their designs and thinking scientifically.



Year 1

This week, Year 1 were delighted by the arrival of 2 parrots and a monkey to their rainforest (sadly only toy creatures!).  The children continued their rainforest studies and made ‘compound word birds’.  All the children enjoyed the games and showed a great understanding; since then they have been mentioning compound words in their reading and around school.  The children also read books about rainforest animals, in particular sloths.  They made pop-up books about sloths, their eating habits and life in the different layers of the rainforest.

1-playing compound words game 034 1-Making pop upbooks 008


Year 2

In their Connected Curriculum topic, Year 2 have investigated the human impact and topology of Rapa Nui circa 1000 AD, when they built many of the famous Moai statues and the modern island today. They used their Geography and Computing Skills to study maps and use iPads. Year 2 then made their own key for the maps of the island to identify human and environmental elements they found significant on a map. They used their History skills to make a comparison of life in different periods by discussing how the human impact on Rapa Nui has changed the features of maps from different periods to show how life is different.

1-Rapa Nui 360 Panorama iPad 017 1-Rapa Nui 360 Panorama iPad 022



Year 3

Year 3 spent an afternoon making a patchwork display of the different layers of the rainforest. They used collage techniques to describe the forest floor and understory, before turning to pastels to create the colourful canopy and emergent layers.

1-Year 3


Year 4

This week, in Science, Year 4 have been investigating electrical conductors and insulators. They have also been learning how to make complete circuits with bulbs, buzzers and motors.

1-100_2024 1-100_2022

Years 5 & 6

This has certainly been an exciting and exhilarating week for Years 5 and 6!  They were at Hilltop Outdoor Centre near the North Norfolk coast on a residential trip.  The days were action packed and full of new challenges, including mountain biking, creating coastal defences against erosion on the beach, using the zipwire and archery.  The children thrived on the challenges; they pushed themselves as individuals and worked well in teams.  It was a very successful and enjoyable trip for all.  I am sure that they will all sleep well tonight!


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Match Report

This week, the Under 9 girls team played their first rounders fixture of the term against Friends’ Junior. The match was shortened as Friends’ had navigation troubles but we still had some good competition. We won the toss and Elizabeth chose to bat. Friends’ bowling was consistently good and our batting began a bit slowly. We scored 2½ rounders. Francesca and Katie both took turns bowling as Friends’ began to bat in their first innings. Unfortunately, however, we did not bowl as consistently as Friends’ and we gave them several half rounders from no-balls. The fielding between Francesca as backstop, Phoebe as 2nd post and Elizabeth as 1st post was very good, resulting in stumping out 4 Friends’ batters. Friends’ scored 4½ rounders. Both second innings were shortened to give all players one bat each. We demonstrated some great running between posts to score 4½ rounders with fewer balls then their first innings.   Friends’ demonstrated some good batting in the second innings to score 4 rounders. At the end of both innings, Friends’ scored 8½ rounders and Fairstead House scored 7 rounders. Francesca was chosen by Friends’ as Player of the Match. It was a narrow loss but all players did very well. Our target for the next match will be to bowl fewer no-balls.  Well done, girls.

Shahn Woodyatt

Next week there are two home matches: Under 9 cricket and Under 9 Rounders v Finborough – 2:15pm start.



I am delighted to announce that this year all children who learn a musical instrument including voice, regardless of how long they have been taking lessons, will be taking part in our Summer Recital.  This will take place in the Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 30th June at 1.45pm.  More details to follow!

Speech & Drama Festival

Similarly, all the children who take Speech & Drama lessons with Mrs Crapnell will be participating in our Summer Speech & Drama Festival on Friday 10th June at 2.30pm.


This week we wish a happy birthday to Finley (Nursery) and Cecilia (Year 2).

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children.

Lynda Brereton