Dear Parents,

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly watching Year 4’s wonderful class assembly yesterday.  It featured a number of vignettes from the textbook which they are studying this term, ‘Bombs and Blackberries’, which is based on a family living in Manchester in World War II.  The children acted the scenes poignantly and confidently.


‘Science Week’ has been thoroughly enjoyed in Reception this week.  The children have loved predicting, experimenting and investigating the world around them. The theme this year has been, ‘Our Diverse Planet’ and the children have enjoyed reading the award winning book, ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children have also been introduced to Sir Isaac Newton and have used the Internet to find answers to their questions relating to Earth.

Thank you to Athena’s Mummy for being this week’s ‘Surprise Reader.’

What an amazing visit from Dr. Bryson to help us end Science Week in Reception. She specialises in haematology and the children found out all about her role and life in a laboratory! They found out what blood is made of and how white blood cells are so important in keeping you well. They even made their own bugs!  This, followed by meeting Dr. Hunt (more of which later) gave us a super scientific morning!

In Forest School, the children had great fun making colour wheels from as many natural objects as they could find.  The results were very beautiful!




Year 1

This week in Year 1, the children received another letter, this time from Jack the young lad in Jack and the Beanstalk asking for their help in finding the Giant.
The children set about on their hunt around the school to see if there was any evidence of the presence of the Giant. They used iPads to gather photographic evidence and made written trails to help Jack.
They had a lovely time looking carefully at plants around the school and made some detailed drawings ready for our start of discovering plants topic.



Year 2

In History, Year 2 have been learning about a well known historical building in Newmarket, The Union Workhouse. The children learned about the residents of the Workhouse by studying the 1881 Census data. It really was a fascinating challenge and it helped the children with their comparative writing where they compared the use of the building in the 1880s to today.





Year 3

This week, in English, Year 3 have begun a unit of work called ‘Stories About Imaginary Worlds’. ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ will be our focus text. The children have been enjoying profiling Roald Dahl’s famous characters, reading the story for themselves in pairs and looking at the different literary devices used by the author.
In Maths, the children have been looking at the best ways to solve a range of addition calculations mentally. The children have been generating their own calculations and had to decide on the best method to use in order to work out the answers.


Year 4

This week, Year 4 should be incredibly proud of their performances in our class assembly. They gave wonderful portrayals of the characters as they experienced evacuation during World War II. They displayed empathy by showing the characters’ feelings through tone of voice and body language. They were then very keen to read Scenes 3 and 4 of the play, ‘Bombs and Blackberries’ in class and continued reading in character! Some of the girls have even enjoyed playing games in character at break times. Well done!

Year 5

This week we have been looking at angles. This has been building on our investigation to prove, not just accept, that all triangles have 180 degrees as the sum of their internal angles. We used this fact to discover the pattern to calculate the sum of the internal angles of any polygon. The children developed their ability to analyse data and spot patterns. We will be looking at other patterns as the year progresses.

We also started to look at our next focus point in our topic of Trade.  We looked at Fairtrade and how it applies to bananas, cocoa and even footballs. This developed into a discussion about minimum wage and living expenses. This conversation was to help the children understand the difference between different standards of living and understand the need for Fairtrade.

Year 6

Linked to their learning on the Titanic, Year 6 carried out a water density investigation to find out why objects, such as icebergs, float in some solutions but not others. They used various solutions of different densities by adding varying amounts of salt, sugar and baking powder to experiment.
They used grapes as their objects and found that they sank in fresh water but floated, like icebergs, in various solutions. Interestingly, they also found out that black grapes are more likely to sink than white grapes!


Match Reports

U11 Girls’ Netball v Riddlesworth

‘On Wednesday 11th March, the U11 girls played netball against Riddlesworth school. Although they had first centre pass, we quickly intercepted the ball and Claudia was able to get the ball to our shooters, and we were able to score. We had the next centre pass and Ella quickly passed the ball to our shooters and we scored again. Riddlesworth then had the ball and despite some great passing and defending from Perdy, Zara and Darcy, they were eventually able to score. Unfortunately Isabella and I had a couple of goals disallowed due to footwork, despite working hard as a team. Riddlesworth were then able to score a few more goals and win the match.’

Keep working hard, team!

Ava W., Girls’ Sports Captain


U11 Boys Football v Brookes Cambridge and Riddlesworth Hall

‘The U11 boys played football in a triangular fixture against Brookes Cambridge and Riddlesworth Hall.  The first game was against Riddlesworth.  We had a strong start with Dylan making some fantastic dribbles down the left and struck the post.  James made a brilliant run down the right and scored a goal but Riddlesworth made some good passes and excellent shots, which were saved heroically by Richard.  James and I made some super strikes that just went wide.  Eventually, after many attempts I scored.

Next we played Brookes Cambridge.  Dylan and James made some great movement down the wings and we scored some fabulous goals.  

We then played the second half of the game against Riddlesworth.  They quickly won the ball and made a brilliant comeback.  In the last two kicks of the game I made a through ball and James made a neat finish into the bottom corner to win the game 4-3.  

Finally, we played the second half of the game against Brookes.  We start with the ball and a few minutes later we were awarded a free kick.  James scored an extraordinary knuckle-ball from 20 yards.  Soon after, James took another long shot and scored again.  The final score was 4-1 to us.

Well done, boys, and keep up the good work!’

Abiram A., Boys’ Sports Captain


Individual Music Tuition

Over eighty percent of our pupils at Fairstead play a musical instrument or have singing lessons each week. Remember to play a little each day and you will continue to make great progress.



French & Spanish

This week’s French and Spanish stars are: Charlotte in Year 3 and Gabriella in Year 4 as the French ‘Étoiles de la Semaine’ and Jos in Year 5 and Abiram in Year 6 as the Spanish ‘Estrellas de Semana’. Well done for such a great start to the half term!

Visit by Dr. Beverley Hunt

This morning, Dr. Hunt (mother of Alexander and Annabelle), who is a Microbiologist specialising in virology, gave each class in turn a fascinating and informative talk on viruses in general and the coronavirus specifically.  The children were then able to rub their hands with a ‘glow bug’ spray and were then instructed to wash their hands before putting them under UV light to see how clean their hands actually were.  As you can imagine, some were horrified that they had not managed to wash off all of the ‘glow bugs’ and then had to re-wash their hands!

This really brought of all lessons in handwashing to life and we greatly appreciated Dr. Hunt’s time and expertise.

After-school Clubs

Apart from Prep Club and KS1 After-school Club, next week will be the last week of after-school activities this term.

Boot Camp

If your child attends our Boot Camp after-school club, please note that this has now finished for this term. Please accept Mr Blowes’ apologies.

Parents’ Association Summer Party

Due to an unprecedented amount of ticket sales this year, the Parents’ Association would like to encourage all those who are planning to attend this years Summer Party, but have yet to buy their tickets, to please do so if possible before the end of term (27th March).

The final deadline for ticket sales is 25th April, but as you can appreciate, with the Easter holidays in between, there is a lot of organisation and planning going into this event. With so many more attending this year than previous, the PA would like a bit more time to enable us to accommodate people’s preferences with regards to seating plans etc.

For anyone who has already bought tickets, please let us know your menu choices via the following link and if you have a preference of whom you would like to sit with please email or speak to a member of the PA. Tables are of 8 (or max 10) guests per table.

Parents’ Evening

This term’s Parents’ Evenings will take place over Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March to enable our sports fixtures and wealth of after-school clubs to continue. The booking system on SchoolBase is now open for you to make your appointment.

Oliver’s Gymnastics Success

Huge congratulations to Oliver in Year 5, who competed in the East of England Tumbling Gymnastics Championships at Milton Keynes on Sunday. Oliver came first in the U14 Boys’ Tumbling. He will now compete at the National Tumbling Championship in May in Birmingham and we all wish him the very best of luck!

Newmarket Hockey Club

Louis in Year 3 and Luca in Year 4 were both selected to represent Newmarket Boys’ Hockey Club at their match on Sunday.  Well done, both!

End of Term

A reminder that term for school children will finish at 12.00pm on Friday 27th March.

Our popular Holiday Club will run during the Easter Holidays from Monday 30th March until Friday 17th April. Please note, however, that Holiday Club will be closed on Good Friday (10th April) and Easter Monday (13th April). Please find a booking form here..

Kindness Cups

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Catherine in Year 1 and Charlotte in Year 3.  Well done, girls!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Monty, Sophie and Imogen in the Nursery, Lilly in Year 2 and Zara in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton