Dear Parents,

It has been absolutely wonderful to see all children return to school with such excitement and joy!  The classrooms and corridors have been filled with children happy to be back at school, discussing their learning and enjoying time together.  Two highlights of the week have been Miss Bryan’s enthusiastic celebration of International Women’s Day in her MFL lessons and Reception’s celebration of British Science Week, creating potions and learning new scientific vocabulary.


It has been such a wonderful week and everyone in Reception has been so excited to be back!
The children have settled back into classroom life with ease and have celebrated ‘Science Week’ with curiosity and enthusiasm.

They have loved researching different scientists and have enjoyed extending their scientific vocabulary and understanding. Magnetism, hibernation, migration, evaporation, gravity and metamorphosis were just some of the concepts explored in Reception this week!

The children were excited to begin growing some hair for the giant from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ as well as extending their knowledge of 3D shapes by building some wonderful castles. Becoming ‘Rainbow Scientists,’ at the end of the week meant some wonderful potions were created whilst exploring primary and secondary colours.

The children ended the week by writing to our Prime Minister to thank him for letting us all return to the classroom. I think he will be very impressed with all the super messages and illustrations. Well done to you all!

Year 1

Year One were absolutely thrilled to be back in the classroom this week. In Art, the children enjoyed using a variety of printing techniques to create images of their favourite minibeasts as well as Mother’s Day cards! They also created dinosaur trace fossils out of clay. The highlight of their week was welcoming five baby caterpillars into the classroom. The children are so excited to be able to watch the caterpillars’ transition into butterflies over the next few weeks.

Year 2

Year 2 have had a wonderful start back in school!
We have begun our Science topic of ‘Plants’ by creating a fair test experiment centred around the big question, ‘Do seeds need soil to grow?’. We discussed our hypothesis and created a fair test experiment with cress seeds, soil, cotton wool, paper towels and water. Each part of our experiment has been documented and we are now waiting to make our observations! I wonder what the results will be?

We concluded our statistics unit in maths with ‘Smarties Maths!’. We have sorted, counted, recorded data on a tally chart and devised a bar chart using a box of Smarties. We have then used the data to answer lots of tricky questions. We completed the data challenge by enjoying our Smarties for afternoon snack.

In PSHE we have been exploring what makes a good friend. Once we had gathered lots of good ideas, we wrote a recipe for a good friend. We then worked on our presentation skills reading our recipes to Year 1. The children were very nervous, but read with confidence and a smile!

Year 2 have also begun talking about what we know about the Great Fire of London and what we would like to know. Once we had gathered all of the information, we began looking at how life was different in 1666 and what contributed to the start of the fire.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our lovely mums! Enjoy your special weekend.

Year 3

The children in Year 3 have quickly settled back into school life and Miss Kenworthy has enjoyed getting to know the children – she has been grateful for how helpful all of the children have been. At the start of the week we read ‘In a Jar’, a story about collecting special memories – we discussed all the things that have made us happy over the past year. We have been taking advantage of being able to work in pairs now that we have returned to school and the children have displayed some excellent teamwork in both English and Maths lessons!

Year 4

Year 4 returned to school on Monday with focus and enthusiasm. It has been such a pleasure working with them in person again. They have worked hard this week and deserve a restful weekend!

In English, the children have researched and planned group presentations to inform others how to protect our environment, with some excellent collaboration.

In Art, Year 4 enjoyed using their papier mâché skills to create their volcano sculptures.

In Science, the children learned about the functions of each organ of the digestive system. We conducted a class practical to demonstrate the stages of the digestive process, which helped us to ’visualise’ what takes a place. Finally, we played a class game of ’Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ with questions based on the digestive system. I was extremely impressed when the children got up to the £500,000 question. It’s a pity we weren’t playing for real!

Year 5

As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” I think that over this lockdown period, children have realised the joy of school. This has been obvious this week as Year 5 have returned full of energy and ready to learn. It shows how well they have stayed focused during home learning.

We have started our new book for this term: Carrie’s War. It is set in World War 2 and has the promise of some awful deed done at the end. Before we reach that stage, we have a lot more to find out about the characters. This week we have started to write a diary of an evacuee based on one of the characters in the book.

Science has been able to restart and the first thing we looked at was gyroscopes. I have explained that taking their bikes apart to use the front wheels would not be a good idea! We then went on to discuss that all forces are pushes or pulls, and we then, today, looked at friction and how surfaces affect it. We will continue to look at forces as the term progresses with a focus on practical work.

Year 6

In this week’s science lesson, Year 6 started a new topic about ‘Great British Scientists’. They learned about Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion, and recapped their understanding of forces including gravity, friction, air resistance and inertia. They experimented with Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. A discussion of rockets and thrust in the classroom led to an investigation on the school field with balloons, straws and string! Lots of fun was had in the sunshine! Well done, in particular, to Jos, Alex and Finlay who managed to make their balloon rocket travel 20 metres and even created a slow-motion video of their experiment!


How wonderful to hear of students back and happy at Fairstead.  A reminder that in-person individual lessons return from Wednesday 21st April.  A few places remain for the Summer Term.  Please email for more information or to reserve your child’s place.

Drama Club also returns in person next term – just book in the usual way through the School Office.


This week, we wished a happy birthday to Sebastian, Miles, Monty and Sophie in the Nursery, and Lilly in the main School.

Wishing you a very restful and enjoyable weekend, and a very happy Mother’s Day as well.  Thank you to all the staff who have made the first week back in school one that has been thoroughly enjoyed.