Dear Parents,

I hope that all the children who are accessing Fairstead From Home have had a productive and enjoyable week. It is always a pleasure to see them in their Zoom lessons, which they appear to be thoroughly enjoying.  The children in school are missing their friends in other Year groups greatly; however, they are getting into their new routines and embracing the ‘new normal’.

Following the recent Government announcement, we are now in a position (with the backing of IAPS and our insurers) to welcome the children from Years 2 -5 into school for a short period of time before the end of term.  The purpose of this would be primarily to allow the children to see their teachers and friends and to reinforce and remind them of their valuable role in the Fairstead community.  The activities on these days will be creative and exciting and a welcome change from the home learning environment.

As we are rapidly approaching the end of term, we are able to invite each class for two days.  Each Year group will be in the Performing Arts Centre, where they will be completely self contained and thus create their own ‘bubble’, without breaking the other four ‘bubbles’ in school at the moment.  Therefore, we are only able to offer each class two days in school.  If your child’s class is in school, please note that there be no home learning for those days.

The Governors have requested that we ask your decision as to whether or not your child will come into school for the two days on offer to them, as if the majority of a Year group’s parents decide against this, we will be obliged to abide by their decision for that class.  Please could you e-mail by Monday morning to let us know your thoughts.

Provisionally, we are looking at the following schedule:

Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd June – Year 3

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th June  – Year 4

Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th June – Year 5

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July – Year 2

We will be upholding both Government and IAPS guidelines with regards to implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings; however, I would like to take this opportunity to emphasise that social distancing cannot be guaranteed with young children and, by choosing to send your child to school, you accept and acknowledge this.


The children in Reception began the week by celebrating ‘World Oceans Day.’ They enjoyed learning about the different oceans in the world and were passionate about helping to protect them. They decided to make posters to encourage everyone to support their cause.

In Maths, ‘Simon the Shark’ was very popular in helping the children to solve a range of different subtraction problems. Capacity and volume were also explored when the children decided to collect rainwater during their outdoor exploring time.

The children enjoyed visiting,’The Arctic Ocean’ and ‘The Southern Ocean’ and have discovered and written many facts about them. An interactive display in class has been created where the children have been eager to sort the animals into their correct habitats.

Finding out all about ‘The Dead Sea’ was another highlight and this inspired the children to experiment with floating and sinking. They enjoyed making predictions, testing their findings and recording their results. It has been another wonderful week.



Year 1

This week, Year 1 have been focussing on story telling. The children have enjoyed sharing and listening to many different animal stories and then ‘having a go’ at writing their own versions. They have also been very creative in making wonderful wall displays illustrating their favourite stories of the week. Lots of fun has been had by all.


Year 2

Year 2 have continued to work so incredibly hard this week and have been busy writing explanations on how penguins keep warm in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica and creating their own habitats for an animal of their choice. They thought carefully about how their animals were adapted to live in these habitats and wrote superb descriptions of a variety of animal homes. In Maths, the children have had fun exploring volume and capacity. They took part in a number of different practical investigations and finished the week creating their own disgusting magic potions!




Year 3

This week in English, Year 3 finished reading and working on the book, ‘Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes’, which is the true story of a Japanese girl affected by the atomic bomb that ended World War Two. We learned that Sadako has become a symbol for peace and that her story is one of bravery and hope in the face of adversity.

In Maths, the children have become experts at column addition and have also honed their mental subtraction skills. They have finished the week by applying their addition and subtraction skills to two problem-solving investigations.

In Science, the children have continued to look at plant reproduction and have created some lovely artwork to show the parts of a flower. We have been thinking about the critical part that bees play in the pollination process and their amazing way of communicating to other bees where the best nectar is.  Charlotte entertained us all with a video of her ‘bee waggle dance’ set to ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Korsakov!

In Humanities this week, we have been learning about what life is like in Japanese schools and how this compares to school-life at Fairstead. In Japan, children are given the responsibility of cleaning the hallways and classrooms and of serving lunch to their fellow students. A surprising number of children thought that we should introduce child-led cleaning of classrooms and cloakrooms at Fairstead in future!

Another great effort this week from the Year 3 children.


Year 4

This week in English, Year 4 have been busy writing explanation texts, ensuring they sequence their paragraphs with time conjunctions. They have added definitions to technical vocabulary and used cause and effect conjunctions to explain how one event leads to the next. They have ended the week by explaining how Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Snoozatron’ invention works.

In Geography, they compared Japanese schools with their own, noting several similarities. One difference is that as part of their curriculum, Japanese children clean and tidy the classrooms after lunch, this teaches mutual respect. Year 4 were, on the whole, quite pleased that this is not part of their curriculum!

In Art, the children created delicate paintings of Japanese blossom trees by blowing and dabbing the paint. These are all on display on our gallery on DB Primary.


Year 5

This week, we have continued to base our writing on books.  This week I chose, ‘The Firebird’ – a traditional tale that has the expected features and also some other interesting events. We ended up by taking on the role of a Tsar’s adviser and giving balanced advice. The work that was produced showed clear thought and understanding.

With the Summer Solstice starting next Saturday, I thought I would focus on Stonehenge and its creation. As a result, in Maths, Science, DT and English, all lessons will be linked to Stonehenge.  Whilst many pupils have not been to Stonehenge, there will be a link to a 360 degree view which will allow them to understand the layout far better than on paper.

In a more creative look at Maths, we constructed 3D shapes so I apologise if you have been denuded of cocktail sticks , skewers and ‘blu-tac’. However, it allowed the children to fully visualize different 3D shapes. I was impressed by the pictures they sent and I hope you are to.


Year 6

Year 6 have had another enjoyable week at school, despite the weather! They have been studying geometry in Maths, culminating in creative Tangram pictures on Friday. They have also produced some lovely descriptive writing about their imaginary island. In Art, some creative pictures of the layers of the ocean are emerging and their Crest Science activities of ‘A Sticky Problem’ and ‘Bowled Over’ were successfully completed this week. Percy, Dr Brereton’s four year old Labrador, joined in with the latter activity and decided to try to ‘steal’ our bowling balls. On Wednesday, they tried their cooking skills on pizza. Many thanks to Chef, who demonstrated how to create the perfect pizza and then the children had great fun chopping ingredients and designing their own pizzas to take home. However, best of all they are enjoying simply being together, along with Percy and his little brother, Digby, before they move onto their new schools in September.





I am delighted to say that our online Zoom lessons in the Music Department have proved to be invaluable for everyone involved. Keeping weekly contact with pupils and supporting and encouraging their positive progress has been very rewarding and great fun. Today, we are launching our first Virtual Informal Concert, please click on the link below:

I would be delighted to receive more recordings from our pupils to create more concerts, so please do send your recordings to both Mr Radford and myself. I do hope you enjoy watching and listening to our lovely performers.

If you wish for your child to resume Instrumental and Vocal lessons and would like to try a Zoom Lesson, please email me

Karina Warburton


Individual Speech & Drama Lessons – September 2020

“Four weeks of term left!
Is your child going into Year 6 and you feel that they would benefit from private lessons each week to help build their self-confidence, to learn about public speaking, interview techniques and with so much more?
Speech and Drama lessons really help in this age when most of us speak through our technology and is much more than LAMDA exams in Communication, Public Speaking, Acting and Shakespeare.
I accept students from Reception through to Year 6 at Fairstead and I currently have 25 students but 5 spaces are available for September.
To secure your child’s place for the Autumn Term 2020 e mail me on as soon as possible.
Sessions cost £16 per child per week.

Any questions please feel free to let me know.”

Jonathan Woolf

Head’s Awards

This week, Head’s Awards were won by the following children, for the wonderful reasons given in this morning’s assembly. Well done, children!

Reception – Siena and Daisy

Year 1 – Lucy and Abudi

Year 2 – Jamie and Jack

Year 3 – Brennan

Year 4 – Giselle

Year 5 – Dylan

Year 6 – Molly

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton