Dear Parents,

I am delighted to say that all children have settled back into school with excitement, verve and gusto and all now thoroughly deserve a refreshing and restful weekend.  It has been a real pleasure watching them reacquaint themselves with their friends, meet new classmates and breathe much needed life back into the school.


It has been a fantastic start to the year in Reception.   The children have settled in so quickly and have been wonderful at adapting to the new class rules and routines.

Everyone has had lots of fun getting to know one another, indoors and outdoors. It has been a fun and busy week; reading rhyming stories, learning new songs, recognising and ordering numbers and creating some super self portraits. The class are very much looking forward to beginning Mandarin, Spanish, ICT, PE and Music next week.

A gentle reminder; please could all children bring in their named napkin and art apron if they haven’t already done so.



Year 1

The whole class have settled beautifully into Year 1 and they are thoroughly enjoying their new topic, ‘Around the World in a Term.’ Every child chose a country that they would love to visit, and they made a passport ready for their travels next week. Gabriel would like to visit America so he can go on all the rides at Disneyland and Siena would love to go to Italy so she can eat lots of pizza! The children have already learned all about the different continents and look forward to visiting them in the coming weeks.



Year 2

Year 2 have returned to school beautifully! This week, Year 2 have been getting to know the class, timetable and new routines as well as exploring the activities in the classroom. The class have been examining a mystery object covered in painted dots. Upon discussion, they discovered that it was an Aboriginal Australian Rain Stick. Their topic for the upcoming half term will be sunny Australia.



Year 3

Year 3 have had a fantastic first week back at school! They have settled in to Key Stage 2 very well indeed and are getting used to the new routines. Games has been a new lesson for the children this week and they have enjoyed this very much. Our topic for this term is ‘The Ancient Maya’. The children’s interest in and enthusiasm for this topic has been great to see (and may have something to do with the fact that cocoa/chocolate was central to the Mayan culture!). In these photos, you can see the children playing a game on the first day back to really get to know their classmates. Well done, Year 3, keep up the good work!

Year 4

Year 4 have made a very positive start to the new term. Firstly, the children created ‘dream jars’ with their individual hopes and aspirations for Year 4. They began their topic of the Ancient Maya enthusiastically and are looking forward to learning more. In Religious Studies this week, Year 4 begun learning about Buddhism. They read the Story of the Buddha and in small groups acted out the story that explains who founded Buddhism.  Well done, children!


Year 5

It is wonderful to be back in school and see the children, especially my new class. We have packed a lot into our first week from lying on the field using our senses to describe what we could hear, see and smell, through to discovering what is magnetic, to finding out when the Sumerians lived.

It has been great to see how the children can engage in a range of activities and are willing to give their opinions. They have also shown that they can take advice and act on it. This has resulted in some engaging pieces of writing. Some wonderful phrases have been used and I have loved reading their thoughts. If they had wanted to make a good impression on their new teacher, they have succeeded! I look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday when I will give more details about what your child will be learning this year.


Year 6

Year 6 have had a busy first week back! In English, we have been reading and discussing an extract from ‘The Jungle Book’ and writing safety instructions for competitors of ‘Flugtag’ – a Red Bull competition where participants sit in the cockpit of home-made planes and launch themselves off a nine metre-tall pier! In Maths, we have been revising place value with the help of ‘Darcey the Decimal Point’ and, in History, we have started our very interesting topic about ‘Britain since 1930’.

Modern Foreign Languages

“It has been a great week back for MFL across the school. It was a tough choice for Star of the Week as there were a lot of candidates from all the hard work, but the Spanish Estrellas de la Semana were Abishaun in Year 3 and Tabi in Year 4. The French Étoiles de la Semaine were Annabelle in Year 5 and Claudia in Year 6. We also have new musicians for a new term! The French Musicien du Trimestre is Joe Dassin and the Spanish Músico del Trimestre is Vicente Fernández. Children studying either language can collect a sticker for each song from either artist they have listened to – I would love to hear what you think about these singers!”

Kathryn Bryan

Speech & Drama

‘It is a delight to be coming back to Fairstead for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.
It is wonderful too to have completed all backdated LAMDA exams over August and September and it is terrific to be back on track after this extraordinary year.
It is a delight too that many Fairstead House children are wishing to continue their studies.
Lessons now take place on Wednesdays, in the Performing Arts Centre, and I have five spaces available for weekly lessons for children from Reception through to Year 6.
All sessions work to increasing a child’s communication, self confidence, body language, use of vocabulary and to increase their knowledge of literature and drama.
Many children do take exams; however,  this isn’t the main purpose of teaching. Certificates and grades are lovely for both the children and the parents but the growth I have seen in children at Fairstead has been delightful.
If anyone wishes to contact me and book one of my last remaining places, then please contact me as soon as possible on’

Jonathan Woolf

Head Boy & Girl

This year, I am delighted to announce that our Head Boy is Finlay Casey and our Head Girl is Perdita Champion.  Well done, both!  I am sure you will both be wonderful representatives of Fairstead House and role models for the younger children.  All other Year 6 positions of responsibility will be announced next Friday.

The Parents’ Association Summer Party

We are delighted to announce that the Summer Party organised has now been moved to Saturday 15th May 2021. Same location (the Bedford Lodge Hotel) and details as originally advertised, just a year later!  The Parents’ Association decided that, under current Government guidance, the October date was unlikely to be feasible.  More details to follow but please do mark the date in your diary.

Term Dates

Term dates are published on the school website and must be adhered to when you are planning your holidays.  Please be aware that any absences taken during term time will be recorded as unauthorised and will be on your child’s record.  I am only allowed to authorise absences in the most exceptional of cases.


There are a variety of After School Clubs available to all children, ranging from Russian, Yoga, Tennis, Football, Multi-sports and Dance to Board Games, Chess or Mindfulness.  Please book your child into a club via SchoolBase.

After School Care is available from the end of School until 6.00pm. If your child attends an After School Club then the member of staff taking that club will collect your child and take them to After School Care. Charges, if applicable, will be billed to your account in arrears.

To book your child into After School Care, please contact the School Office before 9.30am on the day to ensure that we are adequately staffed and the children are catered for.

School Lunches

You may or may not be aware that children have traditionally lined up at the ‘hatch’ to be served their lunch by Chef and her team; however, following Government guidelines, we have introduced a new ‘family service’ system.  Each class is divided into two large tables, allowing children to face each other at a socially acceptable distance.  The class teacher and one other member of staff now serve everyone at their own table.  This has proved to be a very positive and delightful change!  Children on the table know that they may not begin until everyone has been served and I truly believe that table manners have improved already!

Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that all children must have a linen napkin with them in school at all times.  As well as improving table manners, we are endeavouring to reduce your laundry load!

School Gates

Just a gentle reminder that all cars should enter school through Gate 1  and that Gate 2 is for pedestrian access only.


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Curtis in Reception and Oskar in Year 1.  Happy birthday, boys!

Over the summer, we wished a happy birthday to Heidi, Mathilde, Ethan and Adam in Reception, Henry in Year 1 ,Sophia, Lola, Laila, Isla and Catherine in Year 2,  Jamie and Robert in Year 3, Elsie and Pearl in Year 4, Charlotte in Year 4, Ashera, Tabitha and Annabelle in Year 5, Jos and Claudia in Year 6.

With my best wishes for a lovely, restorative weekend with your children and I look forward to seeing all children on Monday, ready for another exciting week at Fairstead,

Lynda Brereton