Fairstead House

An independent day school and nursery for boys and girls
from three months to eleven years

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to end the week with uplifting performances from all pupils who took part in this afternoon’s Informal Tea-time Concert.  We heard three pupils give their first solo performance, singing and playing the piano and also lovely performances on the violin and guitar.  Many thanks to our Director of Music, Mrs Karina Warburton, for arranging these very special and delightful occasions.


This week in Reception, the theme of Autumn has continued to inspire the children’s curiosity and learning.  ‘Leaf Man’ visited the class this week and the children were excited to create some friends for him to explore with outside! They also enjoyed using leaves and number tracks in Maths to find a number ‘one more than’ a given number.
In Literacy, the children shared the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and were excellent at initiating actions to enhance the story. They discussed the actions of the characters in the story and have made their own Little Red Hen superhero masks!
It has been another wonderful week.



Year 1

Year 1 had the most amazing trip to Holkham Hall this week.  They learnt why and how the Hall was built and by whom.  They were taught about the architectural symmetry of the 1700s and the history of some of the precious art pieces that all had a fascinating story behind them.  The children played amongst the deer and they went back in time to play with vintage toys, making their own toy to take home.
We had a few tears at the end because the children wanted to stay!  Mrs Scott couldn’t have been more proud as, throughout the day, so many people commented on how well mannered and well behaved the children were.


Year 2

Year 2 have been focusing on addition in Maths this week. They used dienes apparatus to add two 2 or 3 digit numbers together using the Singapore method. The children worked practically to start with, before moving on to work pictorially. They were absolutely thrilled with their success; their hard work and perseverance really paid off!



Year 3

This week, we have been analysing and discussing the features of a variety of texts. The children were asked to sort texts using their own criteria. Ably, the children divided the texts between non-fiction and fiction. After identifying the features of both categories, we examined the instructional detail of texts. In Maths, the children have reinforced their place value understanding by marking 2 and 3 digit numbers on a number line, as well as ordering numbers in a sequence. Our Science topic has culminated by completing the skeleton of the human body. The children enjoyed learning about the functions of different bones and why we need to keep them strong and healthy.


Year 4

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been looking at fractions. They began by comparing unit and non-unit fractions, then identified equivalent fractions. Next, they counted in fractions and learned how to reduce fractions to their simplest form. The importance of knowing their times tables with quick recall has become very clear to the class! Here, the children are making equivalent fraction domino games.



Year 5

Year 5 have continued to hone their confidence and public speaking skills.  In English, this term, all of the class are learning by heart poetry and traditional stories to retell.  This week, Oliver, Jasim, Finlay, Fleur and Theo performed thoroughly engagingly to their peers with poems about treasure, dreams, plastic noses and chocolate biscuits as well as traditional stories from a variety of different World cultures.

Year 6

Year 6 have been examining the evidence for evolution and inheritance studies by looking at the fossil records of plants and animals. They were surprised to discover that bears and whales have a common ancestor! They then continued their investigations, and had much fun, by making their own fossils.

Match Reports

U11 Girls Hockey v Framlingham 

‘On Wednesday 9th October, the U11 girls played hockey against Framlingham.  They had first pushback, but we immediately got stuck in and began tackling hard. There was some great attacking and defending and, by the end of the first half, it was 2-0. Molly made some exceptional saves. Darcey consistently made brilliant tackles throughout the match with Kitty making some great passes. Zara and Isabella made some hard hits out wide which allowed Fleur and me to score. By the end of the game it was 3-0.
Well done team, an excellent result, keep up the good work!’

Ava W., Girls’ Sports Captain

Trip to Sutton Hoo – Years 3 and 4

On Tuesday, 15th October, Years 3 and 4 will visit Sutton Hoo. This trip is a wonderful culmination of our Anglo-Saxon studies. The trip will take place within the school day. We will leave after Harvest Festival assembly and we will be back before the end of the school day. It promises to be a very exciting trip!  We are going to become archaeological detectives as well as investigating the burial mounds. Children will have a packed lunch and snack provided by school. Coats and water bottles will be required as usual.

Speech & Drama Lessons – Spring 2020

‘Speech and Drama is incredibly popular at Fairstead House!  I only have three spaces left for students who wish to start lessons with me for 2020.

If you would like lessons from January 2020 then please e mail me as soon as possible on jwoolf2019@gmail.com

Lessons can be used to work towards exams in acting or communication or verse and prose or Shakespeare or alternatively lessons can be used to purely build self confidence, esteem and interview practice.’

Jonathan Woolf

Harvest Festival – Tuesday 15th October

You are all warmly invited to join us for our Harvest Festival celebration on Tuesday.  All children from Reception to Year 6 will take part and tea and coffee will be served from 8.30am for the service to begin at 8.40am.   This year, we will again be collecting donations for the local ‘Open Door’ charity, which provides support for the homeless and operates a foodbank in Newmarket.

If you have not yet made your purchases for Harvest Festival, Open Door have made the following request:  ‘At Christmas we make up little ‘goody-bags’ for families and like to include toiletries so if you could remember this when buying items for us we would be very grateful.  We are particularly short of shaving cream, deodorants, aftershave, shampoos, face cream and similar cosmetics.’ 

Please may your child bring their gift to school on Monday.  Thank you.

Car Park in the Mornings

Just a gentle reminder that the car park is for the use of parents of children in Year 2 and below (including Nursery) only.  Please do not park in front of the Coach House as this blocks the drive for other parents.  Thank you for your understanding.


After the half-term break, the girls should return to school in their winter uniform (either the pinafore or kilt), which should be worn with red or green socks or tights only.

After-School Snacks

If your child attends an activity club (not Prep Club or After-School Club) after school, they may bring a snack to eat after school.  Please ensure that your child’s snack is healthy and note that sweets, crisps, chocolates or biscuits are not permitted.  Also, please remember that we are a nut free school.  Thank you.

Kindness Cup

This week, Kindness Cups were won by Amelia in Year 1 and Olly in Year 5.  Well done, children!


This week, we wish a happy birthday to Lottie in Year 3.

With my best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children,

Lynda Brereton