Dear Parents

Excitement is mounting in school as the children get ready to perform ‘Treasure Island’. All manner of strange items from skeletons to bottles of rum (empty!) are appearing around school! Do order your tickets from the office if you have not already done so; it promises to be an action packed and a most entertaining evening.


Nursery have been honing their ICT skills by photographing each other using iPads.  They enjoyed sharing the results with the class!

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The children have been thinking about how the Three Little Pigs in the classic story would have built their houses.
In Forest School this week, the children tried to build a house out of straw. It was difficult to keep the straw together so they created some mud ‘cement’ from surrounding ‘ingredients’!  They tried building a house out of sticks and then covered it with straw. The children thought this house would be strong and warm.  The easiest house to build was a house of bricks….although they will need a lot more bricks to finish it!





The children have been looking closely at the lovely flowers growing in our school grounds.  They talked about bulbs and how they contain all the food that the flowers need to grow.  All the children planted their own bulbs in the classroom and will observe their growth.



Year 1

Year 1 have been very busy consolidating and expanding their knowledge of fractions this week. They have been making their learning real, experimenting with physical objects including slices of toast and cup cakes. Their text this week, ‘That Moose Belongs to Me’ by Oliver Jeffers, allowed them the opportunity to find out about the various landscapes and habitats of North America. They have also enjoyed writing instructions on how to look after a moose!  This morning, as part of their RS curriculum, the children visited St Agnes’ Church on Bury Road, Newmarket.  The Churchwarden (a former Fairstead parent) complimented us on the children’s impeccable manners and interest in the church.

11-fraction work 0111-IMG_0557

Year 2

Year 2 continued with their Anglo Saxon learning this week and have conducted a Science and DT investigation into helmets, similar to the Sutton Hoo helmet. The children worked in teams to test everyday classroom materials for their suitability and investigated what materials have been used for protection from the Anglo Saxon period to the modern day. As keen cyclists, they were all surprised to find out what is inside their bike helmets! They then designed and made helmets, using cardboard, polystyrene or clay, to protect a melon head King Redwald. After making, they ‘tested’ their helmets, using a wooden Anglo Saxon replica sword! Year 2 collected the data by counting the blows from the sword and then observed the condition of the melon head. Polystyrene was the clear winner!

19-Helmet planning and making 01028-Helmet Testing photos 013

Year 3

Year 3 are always keen to practise their Mental Maths skills in speed duels or their weekly Maths times-tables challenge.

1-Year 3 Newsletter


Year 4

Year 4 have been working hard in their Maths lessons this week. They have been studying time, perimeter and word problems.

1-100_1944 5-100_1948


Year 5

Year 5’s ‘Eggcellent’ Challenge!

This week in DT, having designed, created and personalised their own ‘egg carrier’, Year 5 put their knowledge of forces into practise. The challenge was to safely deliver their own egg in one piece from the top of the DT room down to the playing field in the quickest time possible. The children thought about the forces of friction, whilst choosing the method of travel, as well as the steepness of the slope affecting gravitational pull. Much fun was had and most eggs landed safely. Year 5 had a smashing time!



Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed taking part in the Crucial Crew held at Mildenhall Stadium on Monday.  They participated in a number of scenarios including calling the emergency services, how to ensure that smoke alarms are functioning properly and the importance of e-safety to mention but a few.  This was organised by Forest Heath District Council along with the Emergency Services and all the children agreed that it was a very worthwhile experience.

Match Reports

On Wednesday, Mixed Years Hockey Girls travelled to Brookes Cambridge (formerly Cherry Trees). We agreed to play outside as normal, despite the very wet conditions.  All girls sheltered underneath the pavilion while the goalkeepers got kitted out and then all players warmed up thoroughly. Brookes started very well with fierce attacking from their forwards. Our backs, Charlotte and Lily, found it difficult to clear the ball out but they persevered and the ball went back and forward between each goal for several minutes. Eventually, Brookes Cambridge got the ball past Phoebe to lead 1-0. At Fairstead’s next hit off, our forwards planned a better attack and were rewarded by Francesca scoring her first goal playing with Year 5. Once our first goal went through, all our players started to use the space more effectively and Fern played a mixture of midfield and forward working the ball up with Francesca to Adele. Adele scored her first goal with a good run and persistence in the shooting circle. In the second half, Phoebe saved several goal attempts which Brookes found very frustrating. Lucy and Chloe both came on as forwards and Fern stayed back as a solid midfield player. Adele scored another two goals with the help of Lucy and Chloe. The final score was 1-4 to Fairstead. Once again, it was another enjoyable afternoon between our schools, with good contests and good tackling. Well done to all players, especially to Fern who was awarded Player of the Match.

Shahn Woodyatt




Next week the Under 9 girls will all be participating in the fixture as we take two U9 hockey teams to Finborough School. Please ensure all mouth guards, shin pads and hockey boots are in school.

U9 and U11 Football against Brookes Cambridge.  It was wonderful to have a huge number of boys in Key Stage 2 representing Fairstead House in three separate matches.  There was a mixture of goal scoring, attacking, defensive plays and a real sense of sportsmanship pervaded throughout.  The results were that the U11 boys drew 5-5, the U9 A Team lost 1-10 and U9 B Team triumphed 7-0.  Well done to all the boys and thank you to the parents who assisted with match teas.

Michael Radford

Real Tennis

Just a reminder that the Newmarket Real Tennis Club are holding an Open Morning on Saturday 19th March.  They have two professionals ready to give expert instruction to the children and to make it fun!

Please contact Andrew Knibbs on 01638 666612 e-mail for further details or see the School Office to register interest.

Dress It Wild

On Friday 18th March we have ‘Dress It Wild’ Day.  The children can come into school dressed as any endangered or wild animal or with appropriate accessories, (socks, a tie, shoes, etc).  All children who dress in costume are asked to bring a donation to go towards WWF Save the Animals.  Children may also bring in £1 to enter the Wild Raffle for a chance to win a teddy bear.

This has been organised entirely by Lily and Francesca.  Thank you for supporting them.

Year 3 Assembly

Please note that the Year 3 Assembly date has changed and will now take place on Wednesday 27 April.

Play Rehearsal

There will be no play rehearsal on Thursday 17th March.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake

This week we say Happy Birthday to Zara in Year 2 and Thomas in Year 6.

With best wishes for a lovely weekend with your children and looking forward to another busy week ahead.

Lynda Brereton