Dear Parents,

The second half of term has started with a fantastic week of exciting learning!  As you will see below, a wealth of wonderful activities both in and outside the classroom have provided superb opportunities for all children in school.

Please may I bring your attention to the diary dates near the end of the newsletter.  They provide a brief overview of the events in the second half of term.  Some of these may be subject to change, depending on the easing of restrictions, so please continue to check your emails!


We were very excited to return from the half-term break and see a tank full of frogs in the classroom! It was lovely to spend time observing their characteristics before they returned home. Thank you to everyone in Reception for taking such great care of them.

This week, the children in Reception have enjoyed leading their own learning and ladybirds have been the topic! It has been a wonderful week and the children have loved researching and writing some very interesting facts. The development of the children’s language and vocabulary has been wonderful to see. They have enjoyed discussing the ladybird life cycle with one another, as well as exploring the different body parts of this very special insect. More discussion was had during the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard,’ and the children had a wonderful time thinking of what the ladybird’s plans might be to stop the two thieves taking the prize cow!

In maths, doubling has been great fun and the children are now able to recall their doubles mentally after some super practical work using dominoes, and of course, ladybirds!

Visiting the Jarman Centre was a wonderful treat for everyone and the children loved exploring their new woodland home! Many ladybirds came to greet the children and spotting a buzzard was also a welcome highlight. The children cannot wait for more exciting outdoor adventures over the coming weeks.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Great Yarmouth in preparation for their trip next week. They decided to create their own leaflets all about Great Yarmouth’s main attractions. After exploring a variety of information leaflets and finding the common features, the children then used websites and fact sheets to find out about some of Great Yarmouth’s attractions including Merrivale Model Village, The Sealife Centre, The Hippodrome Circus and The Time and Tide Museum. They wrote information sentences about their 3 favourite attractions and then created their own leaflets all about Great Yarmouth!

The children have also been learning about the history of the ‘Punch and Judy show’ in their topic lessons. They learned about the different characters involved in the show and explored a number of different puppets including glove, finger, stick and paper bag puppets. They designed a new character puppet for the Punch and Judy show and then created them using felt. The children had so much fun putting on their own Punch and Judy shows!

Year 2

Year 2 have come back on fantastic form! What a lot of fun they have had over the half term break. This week we have been checking our progress and how well we can remember all of our writing non-negotiables. We have planned and written a lovely recount that includes time connectives, adjectives and adverbs, noun phrases and conjunctions. We have also explored the meaning of the word homophone (homo- same, phone- sound). There are so many in the English language! Our particular focus is on ‘their, there, they’re’ and ‘to, too and two’.

In maths we have continued our exploration of fractions. This week we are focusing on 1/3 and finding fractions of amounts. We even tried our hand at a 4 step reasoning problem! Tricky work but we all worked it out. In our creative time, we have been practising for our Alice performance. It is really coming together- please do continue to work on the lines. In PSHE we have begun looking at our topic ‘Changing Me’. This week we have reviewed life cycles (plants, animals, seasons and people) and have discovered that some changes will happen naturally (tadpoles turning to froglets, feet growing, babies changing to toddlers) and some changes we have a choice in (behaviour, types of music etc). It has been a wonderful week together!

Year 3

This week we started our new science topic, ‘plants’, and the children worked in pairs to create a poster showing the parts of a plant and their functions. They are currently being proudly displayed outside our classroom; children, teachers and visitors have been admiring them!

For topic this week we took a look at what the ‘Tour de France’ is. The children were surprised to learn that only men can take part in the race, but pleased to hear that women will be able to take part in ‘Tour de France 2022’!

In our English lessons this week the children played and reviewed a game. All the children worked incredibly hard to make sure they included all the features and their work was well presented too. They received a whole class certificate of merit – well done Year 3!

We are all excited about our trip to the Olympic Park on Monday 14th June. The weather forecast is currently hot; please make sure your child arrives at school in their P.E. kit and that they are wearing plenty of sun cream. They must also bring a sun hat and a named water bottle.

Year 4

This week, Year 4 began their new science topic, ‘Sound’. They furthered their understanding of how sounds are caused by vibrations. To observe examples of vibrations, the children closely monitored grains of rice on drum skins as the drums were banged. They then placed vibrating tuning forks into water to observe the effects. They were quite surprised when the water splashed out of the beakers! The children learned the different ways vibrations can be made, and Varoushka demonstrated how blowing causes vibrations, by whistling with a blade of grass!

There is also much excitement in the Year 4 classroom as the children anticipate their visit to the Olympic Park on Monday. Please remember to arrive wearing your games kits, sun cream and sun caps if the weather is sunny.

Years 5 and 6

On Tuesday 8th June, Years 5 and 6 had a memorable trip to Dalham Hall Stud, owned by Godolphin. The day was organised by the Racing To School charity as part of their Racing Together Education Programme. If you ever had the fortune to visit Dalham Hall, you will know that the facility is very impressive. A warm welcome was followed by an interesting introduction and video by Ollie Phail, Programme Manager of the charity, and every child received two high quality educational resources with photos and activities about the Godolphin horses.

They learned horse-related terms, including ‘sire’ and ‘dam’ and ‘progeny’, and found out lots of information about the breeding programme. The children even got to meet Dubawi, known by some as ‘Britain’s best ever stallion’, who popped his head over the stable door – once enticed by a carrot!

The children discovered that, on arrival, a mare is scanned to reveal its unique identification number and even has its passport checked. For many of us, meeting the foals was the highlight of the day. Their mothers, including a foster mare, were so calm, and the foals themselves so interested in having human visitors to their field.

The final session was entitled ‘The Spectacle of Racing’. Jockey colours and equipment were explained and every child had the chance to ride on George, an ‘equicizer’.

Well done to Perdie and Finlay who, in their roles as Head Girl and Boy, wrote a super letter of thanks to the team at Dalham Hall. The children now look forward to their day out at the National Horse Racing Museum on Tuesday 15th June, one of many trips planned for the remainder of the summer term.


On Thursday 10th June, Dylan took the Grade 5 piano Performance Exam. He performed all four pieces from memory in one continuous recording, and the film was submitted that evening. We look forward to receiving the results from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in the next two to three weeks!

Instrumental Lessons

If you are wishing to start instrumental lessons in September 2021, please contact the Director of Music, Mrs Karina Warburton for further details. We offer individual music lessons on a number of orchestral instruments including cello, violin, flute, clarinet and cornet as well as singing, piano, guitar and drum kit.

Summer Musical Performances

On Tuesday 29th June, pupils from Reception, Years 1 and 2 will perform the musical play ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in the Palace House garden, NHRM. The performance will start at 2:30pm and end at about 3:30pm. Staff will welcome parents with tea, cake and strawberries, from 2pm. Please remember to bring a picnic blanket and cushion to sit on to watch the performance.

On Thursday 1st July, pupils from Years 3 to 6 will perform ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ in the Rothschild Yard, NHRM. The performance will start at 6pm and will finish at about 7pm. Please drop off your children (in costume) from 5:45pm, to a member of staff (with a register) at the entrance to the Rothschild Yard. Light refreshments will be served to parents attending, in the Picnic Room. Please remember to bring a garden chair to sit on to watch the performance.

Diary Dates

Monday 14th June – Years 3 and 4 visiting Olympic Park
Monday 14th June – Author visiting Year 2
Tuesday 15th June – Year 1 visiting The Tide and Time Museum in Great Yarmouth
Tuesday 15th June – Years 5 and 6 visiting The National Horseracing Museum
Wednesday 23rd June – Parents Association Summer Fair Afternoon
Tuesday 29th June – Alice in Wonderland performance at Palace House
Thursday 1st July – Reception visiting Banham Zoo
Thursday 1st July – The Royal Shakespeare Company performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Thursday 1st July – Joseph performance at Rothschild Yard
Monday 5th July – Years 5 and 6 visit to Hilltop
Tuesday 6th July – Speeches and Prizegiving at St Mary’s Church
Tuesday 6th July – Sports Afternoon on The Severals
Wednesday 7th July – Move up morning for Reception-Year 5
Thursday 8th July – Years 3-6 visit Old Hunstanton
Thursday 8th July – Years 1-2 Circus workshop
Thursday 8th July – Reception Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Thursday 8th July – Ponies 1 and 2 Sports Afternoon.
Friday 9th July – End of Term 12 noon.


Over half term and this week, we wished a Happy Birthday to Lefkianna, Ashleigh, Maryam, Catherine and Aadam.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford