Dear Parents,

It has been an absolute delight to welcome the children back to Fairstead this week.  They have enjoyed getting to know their new class teachers and meeting new pupils.  The highlight of the week has been the whole school visit to the Jarman Centre, for a day of forest fun!  You will see from the newsletter that there is very much a focus on just how much they enjoyed their day.

Modern Languages

The children have all been working hard in their first French and Spanish lessons. Miss Bryan announced the new musician of the term for each language. Any pupil who listens to their music and brings Miss Bryan the name of the songs they listened to gets a house point for each one! The French musician is the band ‘Amadou and Mariam’ and the Spanish musician is the singer ‘Betsayda Machado’.

On Friday 24th September we will be celebrating ‘European Day of Languages’ once again! We encourage the children to come into school dressed up to represent a different country. That could be national dress, the colours of the flag or something more creative! In previous years we have seen pizzas for Italy and even a dragon for Wales!


What a super first week in Reception! The children have settled into their new routines with ease and it has been wonderful to see everyone so enthusiastic about their learning. ‘Dinosaur Day’ on Thursday was met with extra excitement and the children enjoyed finding out all about three very special dinosaurs who live in Reception! The children enjoyed demonstrating the same characteristics as these very special characters and were eager to have their names placed onto the ‘Reception Superstars’ display board. Spending the afternoon alongside the rest of the school at the Jarman Centre was a wonderful way to end the week. The children thoroughly enjoyed joining in with camp fire songs and toasting marshmallows. We cannot wait to return for our weekly ‘Outdoor Learning’ lessons there soon!

Year 1

The children have had an absolutely super start to Year One. Although it has been a shorter week, it has been jam packed with fun! The children started their ‘Around the World in a Term’ topic by making their own passports and jetting off to South America! The highlight of the week though was visiting the Jarman Centre for a day of outdoor learning and adventurous activities. As well as toasting marshmallows and making s’mores, the children also took part in a woodland animal shelter making competition, a campfire singalong, a nature scavenger hunt and some whole school House games. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

Year 2

Year 2 has had the most spectacular day at the Jarman Centre! We have taken a long walk in the woods and are now dab hands at identifying bramble and stingy nettles – thankfully we were very safe. Next, we found long sticks and toasted marshmallows with Mr Rix and Mr Ward over the campfire. We all agreed that s’mores are very moreish!! After our snack we went on a nature scavenger hunt, finding amazing flora and fauna in the woods. When we moved slowly and quietly we found many more creatures than when we ran. On the way to lunch we had a colour challenge. The children were given some paint swatches and had to find items in nature that matched the colours. It was a great challenge. Chef prepared a wonderful lunch that we ate in the sun. After lunch, we made dens for some small woodland creatures in groups. It was a tricky challenge, but the animals are all tucked in for the winter. Mrs Warburton led a sing song around the campfire and we all joined in with some classic happy tunes! Mr Salt lead us in some House games and the children worked with their teams with joyfulness and enthusiasm. What an amazing day. Thank you to Miss Drayton for arranging our time in the forest!

Year 3

What a fantastic start to Year 3! The children have risen to the challenge of moving to KS2 and moving to the main School House. We have been so impressed with their approach to their new routines and expectations.

The highlight of our week has been our trip to the Jarman Centre where our learning was brought to life in the forest. The children engaged in a range of activities and thoroughly enjoyed every moment! We explored our surroundings with a scavenger hunt and colour challenge. In the colour challenge, we looked carefully in the environment for a range of colours and tried to order them in various different ways. Our main challenge was to make a home for a woodland creature out of natural materials. We most certainly rose to the challenge and created some particularly impressive structures for squirrels, badgers and hedgehogs. Here, we evaluated our teamwork and communication and changed our plans accordingly. Our structures became even more impressive when we tackled the challenge again with our new ideas and approaches.

We roasted marshmallows on the camp fire and made s’mores with chocolate digestives – what a treat! In the afternoon, we sang songs with the whole school around the camp fire and played games in our Houses. We even managed to walk with KS2 and made some new friends in Years 4, 5 and 6 who helped keep us safe on the walk. What an excellent start to Year 3!

Wedgwood thoroughly enjoyed their ‘fun at the forest’ at the Jarman Centre. Year 6 had planned their ideas for building a shelter and led their group enthusiastically. All children were immersed in the task and showed ingenuity with three tarpaulins, washing line and other found materials. The result was particularly impressive.
Wedgwood’s archery session was a super addition to the day. The children showed perseverance and made visible progress during the lesson. We definitely have some budding archers amongst us!
Toasting marshmallows and singing songs around the camp fire with the whole school was a delight. The day ended with House team games and it was a pleasure watching our youngest children in Reception be supported and encouraged by our older children in Years 5 and 6.

A new venture for Fairstead House went wonderfully today. Despite the brief rainfall, there were numerous activities that the children part in at the Jarman Centre. Whether it was singing, building shelters, archery or even cooking s’mores, they all seem to have had a wonderful time as shown in the photos. I am sure that they will have lots to tell you this evening after they have dried out.

What a wonderfully busy day! Year 6 were very excited to learn that their first week back was going to end with a ‘forest fun day’ at the Jarman Centre. As soon as we arrived, the children split into the three Houses for a carousel of activities including archery and den building. Years 4, 5 and 6 in Buckenham met Dr Bryson first (Thank you!) who told us how to hold the bow and arrows and conduct ourselves safely in the clearing set aside for archery. Well done to everyone who hit the target, especially if you managed to score a 10! Next, we made a den in the woods with a 5m x 4m tarpaulin and 20m of washing line! It came in very handy when the rain started to pour and Mrs Warburton needed a shelter to carry on her group singing! The children in Buckenham even learned how to make sparks with a flint and steel and some were brave enough to set fire to a very small amount of cotton wool – hopefully we’ll have time to scavenge for ‘real’ tinder on a future visit in the Spring and Summer terms. Chef and her team made us all a fantastic lunch which we enjoyed whilst sitting around the camp fire and Mr Rix helped us make s’mores with marshmallows and chocolate digestives! Who could ask for more?! The day ended with house games on the field with Mr Salt and a long walk home…in the rain! As said, what a day! Enjoy your thoroughly deserved weekend, Year 6, and well done for a very successful start to your final year at Fairstead!

What an action packed day we had at the Jarman Centre today! The whole school shared a wonderful day in the woods making camps and dens, singing songs round the campfire, toasting marshmallows, learning how to do archery, team building games and other fun activities. The singing involved everyone from Reception to Year 6. Everyone joined in singing songs including – This Old Man, She’ll be Coming around the Mountain, Okki-tokki-unga, Ten Fat Sausages, The Ants go Marching and many more. We clapped, stamped, whistled and whooped in time to the songs and the atmosphere never damped even when the rain poured down. What a day to remember .


Mr Woolf will be offering two Drama clubs on Wednesday after school.  Years 1 and 2 can attend from 3.30-4.15pm.  Years 3-6 can attend from 4.15-5.00pm.  Please make sure you book through the SchoolBase system and take note of the charges that will apply.


Please note that the School opens at 8.20am for those children who are not at Breakfast Club.  Collection is at 3.30pm for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, and at 4.00pm for children in Years 3-6.

Please could Reception parents wait by their cars or at Gate 2 when waiting to collect their children.  This will help to reduce congestion when trying to allow other children to exit

Meet the Teacher

On Tuesday, parents of children in Reception-Year 6 are welcome to attend an evening to meet their children’s class teacher.  Refreshments will be served in the Performing Arts Centre from 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start.

Have a great weekend!

Michael Radford