Dear Parents,

This week I was lucky enough to attend the U11 Girls’ Dynamo Cricket tournament at Chippenham.  I must say that the team were superb and I could not have been more proud of their effort and achievement.  We were one of eight teams and in our group we won all three matches convincingly, allowing us to progress to the semi-final.  It was a very close match between us and St Mary’s, with the score even until the final few balls.  Unfortunately, some very good bowling from the opposition in the final over resulted in a narrow loss by three runs, forcing us into the play-off for third and fourth place.  The determination of the girls was amazing and we ended the tournament with third place medals.  We were by far the best team and I can honestly say that we were the only team that bowled overarm for every match.

As we enter the weekend I would like to wish good luck to all the children in Years 5 and 6 who will be travelling to Derbyshire for their week long residential trip and we will look forward to hearing all about it in next week’s newsletter.

As you will see below, the week has been busy and full of wonderful learning opportunities.  Please enjoy reading and do come and join us on 17th June for our School Open Day event by following the link on the school website or on Classlist.


Please do not park vehicles on the bark area at any time, and please only park in the Nursery parking area if you are dropping off or collecting a Nursery child.

Cups & Trophies

Just a reminder to return all cups and trophies won at last year’s prizegiving, please.  If they could come back to School engraved and cleaned, if necessary, before Monday 4th July this would be much appreciated.  They will be required to hand out at this year’s Church Service and Prizegiving on Friday 8th July.

After School Care Club Bookings

Could we also, please, remind parents that it is essential that children are booked into After School Care Club via the SchoolBase system.  We have had several occasions when quite a large number of children have not been on the list for tea and have, therefore, not been catered for.

Hair & Accessories

From Reception upwards, all hair accessories (such as hairbands and clips) should be in School colours (or hair coloured) and hair tied back if it is longer than touching your child’s shoulders.


Over the past couple the weeks, the babies have been focusing on developing their mark making skills. They have enjoyed using their hands to create marks using paints; practised holding paint brushes to make marks in the rice pops sensory tray, as well as the colourful paint dabbers.


What super ‘Thinkasauruses’ we have in Reception! The week began by creating a class mind map which allowed the children to share their knowledge of our new topic, ‘Under the Sea’! The children decided that there was still lots they wanted to discover and so they thought of some super questions to write on the class’ research board! We are looking forward to finding out the answers very soon. On Wednesday, it was ‘World Oceans Day’ and the children learned lots of new and exciting facts! They enjoyed sharing these when we had visitors to the classroom. The visitors were very impressed with the children’s knowledge, vocabulary and passion for protecting our oceans! The children made some super posters to encourage everyone to look after sea creatures and these are now on display around school for everyone to see. Doubling was the focus in maths and after exploring this practically (with jellyfish and play-dough tentacles) the children wowed us with their ability to recall these mentally too! Creating an outdoor aquarium in the forest was great fun. The children made some super sea creatures to add to it using mud and natural resources. Thank you to Hugo’s mummy for being our Surprise Reader and reading ‘Oi Frog’ this week. I think the tadpoles must have enjoyed it too, as we now have two frogs in the tank! What an exciting week!

Year 1

We have been busy interviewing and hiring a new lighthouse assistant for Mr Grinling (from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue) this week. The children were absolute professionals and chose the best person for the job. Her name was Kat and she really impressed us with her excellent cleaning skills!

In science, our experiment to find the optimal growing conditions for plants was a great success. Plant A had both sunlight and water for 3 weeks, Plant B had sun, but no water and Plant C had water but no sun. We made predictions before our experiment and this week got to see if our predictions were right!

In art, we have been learning about primary and secondary colours and exploring these colours through colour mixing. We have also been creating some wonderful artwork for the school’s art exhibition (on Tuesday 21st June) too. We hope to see you there!

Year 2

Year 2 have had an amazing week starting their plants unit.  We have had a focus on both light and the importance of stems in plants.  This has resulted in two experiments which we will be reporting in the next newsletter to see if our hypotheses have been correct.

Year 3

This week, the children in Year 3 have returned to school ready to tackle many challenges! In maths, we have been telling the time to the nearest minute accurately. We have been challenging ourselves to convert from analogue to digital and to convert 12 to 24 hour time. Our biggest challenge in maths this week has been solving time word problems. Using the empty number line really helped to represent the problem and visualise our learning. In English, the children worked so hard on their ‘overcoming the monster’ independent narratives. Next week, the children will edit and ‘publish’ their final piece. In science, the children created their own mini greenhouses and have set up their beans in the conditions that they think they need to survive. We have also set up experiments in different conditions around the classroom and the school. In our topic lesson, Anna and Joseph shared photos of their half term holiday trip to Cornwall. They explained how the cliff had been eroded to form caves. We are looking forward to seeing our plant growth next week…

Year 4

In maths this week, Year 4 have been working extremely hard to develop their time telling skills. The journey has taken us from reading analogue clocks to half hour and quarter of an hour intervals, to reading the 24 hour digital clock to 1 minute intervals. The children used their arms as the minute hands to demonstrate minutes past and minutes to, as they really need to recognise these instantly. They have also used number lines to calculate time intervals. Reading the time is a life skill and the more they tell the time, the more confident they will become.

Year 5

Having given the children a week to rest, we hit the ground running upon their return from holiday. We started by having an inspiration visit to Devil’s Dyke and the stream at Moulton. Our focus was to gain ideas about fantasy worlds that could be coming into our world or us visiting theirs. Later in the week, we also looked at inspirations from three sources which used this idea – ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, ‘A clock of stars’ and, from my childhood, the cartoon ‘Jamie and his magic torch’. We will start to plan and write our own story extracts when we return from the residential trip.

On Tuesday, we then visited the NHRM to continue our studies of the history of horseracing and how it impacts upon Newmarket. We discovered that Newmarket exists because of James the first, and was further supported by his son, Charles the first. We were also able to try out different saddles and find out about shoeing horses. We finished by investigating whether horses ever have all four feet off the ground and about the silks that jockeys wear. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

In addition, we also started a new topic in science and, to help the children understand and remember the parts of a flower, they made their own before using clues around the class to investigate the different parts and their functions. By looking at the different structures, we were able to see how plants can adapt to insect or wind pollination. Next week is the residential trip and we look forward to seeing the children at 06:30 on Monday and bringing them back to you tired and ready for a rest the following Friday. Have a good weekend.

Year 6

Practical lessons are truly memorable and really do make learning fun! In science lessons, Year 6 have been recalling how to make electrical circuits out of a range of components – cells, bulbs, switches and buzzers – but took their knowledge to another level by creating, comparing and drawing series and parallel circuits. They learned that a torch uses a series circuit and that parallel circuits are often found in Christmas tree lights – that’s why the lights still work even when one bulb blows. Thank you, Julian, for bringing in your very interesting ‘Circuit Maze’. In maths lessons, we have focussed on ‘Ratio’ and the week ended with the children making ‘ratio fruit salads’ out of their favourite fruit: apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, coconut and pomegranate seeds. There was even an avocado on offer! Once the ratios were simplified and photos taken, the best bit was getting to eat the fruit at snack time and some of Year 6 even had a picnic in the sunshine! Thank you also to Prince and Michaela who brought bank notes from Malawi and Vietnam to show their classmates. It is always interesting to discuss and learn about such interesting items from children’s lives outside of school. Well done, Year 6! Time to get ready for next week’s adventure in the Peak District. Happy packing! See you at 6.30am on Monday morning!


Our Year 3 and 4 pupils ended the week with two wonderful games of cricket against Brookes. They were wonderful to watch, demonstrating how well they have improved. Their bowling was strong with good straight arm movement and their batting was confident. Moreover, their calling when running was effective, allowing them to steal many quick singles. In addition, their ability to field the ball showed how they can work as a coordinated team. The A team won by 53 runs and the B team won by 45 runs. This has been a good season for the Year 3 and 4 teams and fairly reflects the hard work put in over the season.

U11 Girls and Boys cricket V Brookes Cambridge

On Wednesday 26th January the Under 11 cricket A team played Brookes Cambridge. Giselle, Julian and Elsie did some very accurate bowling. Along with Prince, Ashera and Bella who were really putting a lot of effort into their bowling. Gabi, Michaela and Lottie’s improve every day with their accuracy and power.   Bella did some great batting, hitting the balls hard. So did Prince and Julian who managed to hit a good amount of fours. Both pairs Charlotte and Ashera, Gabi and Elsie worked well together and got some amazing runs. Michaela and Giselle did some strong bats off the T when it was a wide ball.

We won the match.

Ashera was player of the match.

Well done team keep up the great work.

Ella W., U11 sports Captain.


‘The Not-So Creepy Crawlies’

Reception, Years 1 and 2 have been working hard in class music memorising the lyrics and dance movements to the songs for our musical production ’The Not-So Creepy Crawlies.’ In class drama for Years 1 and 2, the scripts are being rehearsed but everyone should have memorised their words by now. Copies of scripts were sent home a few weeks ago but if you need a replacement one please let me know and I will send another. A copy of the list of costumes has been sent home again just in case the last one has been misplaced. Please could you send your child’s costume into school by Friday 17th June, in a named bag.

Mrs Warburton
Director of Music and Performing Arts

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford