Dear Parents,

This week has been an amazing one to celebrate the countdown to Christmas.  This morning I was delighted to watch and enjoy the most magical nativity by Reception, on Wednesday evening Tattersalls was a joyous event and Christmas jumpers were worn today to raise money for Save the Children.  As you will see from the information below, the children have been thoroughly enjoying their learning in a whole variety of ways!


A huge thank you to Mrs Warburton and Mrs Cocks!  It really was an evening of festive fun.


What a way to end the week in Reception! The children were joyful, confident performers, as they told the story of ‘The Innkeeper’s Breakfast’ this morning, in front of a wonderful audience. They made everyone very proud. The elves left some special treats, after seeing all the children’s hard work, which meant the children were able to make some healthy Christmas snacks. Thank you Chef for coming and helping with this too! The children also worked hard to create story maps this week in English, to help them to retell the original Nativity story. In P.E. they enjoyed relaxing with some Christmas themed yoga and they worked in Houses to decorate the classroom with paper chains which was lots of fun! Everyone is looking forward to ending the term with even more fun, next week!



Reception Nativity (extra photos)

Year 1

We took a small detour to Russia on our way home from Australia on Wednesday. We learned all about the history of Matryoshka dolls, or Russian dolls as we know them. It was great fun exploring a real set of Russian Dolls from St. Petersburg and asking questions about them. We then made our own concentric paper Russian dolls and even named them!

On Thursday, we wrote letters to Father Christmas. We told him about ourselves and politely asked for a gift. Hopefully, Father Christmas will write back to us soon as we included self-addressed envelopes!

Year 2

What a fantastically busy week! Year 2 were outstanding at Tattersalls! We were so proud to perform and sang our hearts out. We have wrapped up our ‘Traditional Tales’ theme with some amazing STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) work. On Monday, we created a bridge for the Gingerbread Man to get him across the river. The children were given cocktail sticks, lolly sticks and jelly tots to create a bridge high enough to clear the ‘water’ and strong enough to hold the gingerbread cookie. You will be very pleased to know that 13 gingerbread men ran safely across the bridge and away from the fox. However… SNAP!! They did not escape the hungry children waiting on the other side! In RE we have read the Nativity story from the Gospel of Matthew. It was very different from the story we know, focusing only on the wise men and King Herod. We had a wonderful conversation about different points of view and why we think the stories have been merged. We have listened to a range of carols arranged in unique ways to support our learning. On Friday we made Gingerbread Houses! The children put their engineering skills to good use building and decorating their gingerbread masterpieces. A huge thank you to Chef for helping to get all of our supplies ready and making the gingerbread bases!

Year 3

It has been a very busy week in Year 3 with our Christmas festivities. In maths, our focus was on the 3 and 4 times table. We explored the patterns and used our multiplication facts to help us reason and problem solve. Choosing calculations, we represented practically and pictorially – the bar model was our favourite. In English, we worked on our use of verbs and adverbs to add effect. Within our instruction writing, we looked at the use of commands and questions and their effect on the reader. In science, we carried out two more experiments and investigated reflection. We were challenged to write messages forwards and backwards and use the mirror to crack the code. We also had to walk along a wiggly line and hold the mirror above our heads to guide us. It was trickier than it looked… In topic, we explored the physical and human geography of the Nile Delta. We had a very busy week rehearsing at Tattersalls for our Christmas Concert and particularly enjoyed the hot chocolate breaks to keep us warm. We performed brilliantly and really enjoyed the festive concert.

Years 3 and 4

In art, Years 3 and 4 completed their Ancient Egyptian canopic jars by adding images and hieroglyphs, using their steady brush control. The children chose which parts of their jars they wanted to decorate and used red, blue, yellow and green in true Ancient Egyptian style. These are now proudly on display in the corridor.
To finish our art lessons for the term, Years 3 and 4 had a skills lesson on light, dark and mid tones. They created night time chalk drawings of snowmen, identified the direction of the light and added highlights and shading appropriately. I think you’ll agree they did an amazing job!

Year 5

In art, Year 5 continued creating the armatures for their monster models, inspired by their class reader, ‘The Malamander’. They began by making wire structures and added foil to build up the shape of their monsters’ bodies. This week, they added legs and wings. Some children began applying polymer clay to their armatures, which will allow the monsters to come to life as the scales and finer details are added. These pieces are work in progress, please watch this space for future updates!

Year 6

The focus, this week, was very much on rehearsals and the performance at Tattersalls. It is lovely to be able to rely upon Year 6 to carry out important roles and responsibilities at such public events. Well done, in particular, to Bella for her beautiful solo and to Julian and Giselle for their confident readings. There were lots of giggles from the audience at the many funny lines, especially Ella’s performance as the ‘YouTube star’. Preparations for entrance tests have continued amidst the excitement of Christmas at school and Year 6 have worked very hard in all lessons. So, it was a well-deserved treat to do some seasonal baking and decorating with Chef on Friday afternoon! Continue to work hard and play hard, Year 6! The holidays are nearly here!

Christmas Jumper Day

On behalf of Fairstead House School Council I would like to say thank you so much to all our families and children for contributing so generously to ‘Save the Children – Christmas jumper day’. The children looked super festive and there were lots of happy faces to see around school. It was also lovely to see the children taking such a keen interest in watching the total amount of money raised increase as the day progressed and then matching this total to what ‘Save the Children’ specifically suggest the amount could be used for to help children around the world. The total amount raised so far is an impressive £150.80 – thank you again!
Mrs Varma


Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford